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  • Wilfrid Laurier leads Canada in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

    威爾弗里德·勞雷爾是《文明帝國VI 風雲際會》 資料片中的加拿大領袖。

  • He was the seventh Prime Minister of Canada and is remembered today for his charismatic personality and his focus on Canadian unity and expansion.

    勞雷爾曾任第七任加拿大總理。他深具魅力的個性, 以及對加拿大統一和擴張所做出的努力,至今仍被世人所銘記。

  • Wilfrid Laurier's leader ability isThe Last Best West.”


  • Farms can be built in Tundra and, after researching Civil Engineering, can also be built on Tundra Hills.

    加拿大可在凍土上建造農場,研發完「土木工程」 後還能在凍土丘陵上建造農場。

  • The cost of purchasing Snow and Tundra tiles is reduced, and he receives double extraction of all consumable resources, such as Iron, on Snow and Tundra tiles.

    購買雪地和凍土單元格的花費減少, 在其中提取鐵等可消耗資源的產出加倍。

  • Canada's unique improvement is the Ice Hockey Rink.


  • It can only be built in Tundra or Snow, and only one may be built per city.

    「冰球場」僅能建造在凍土或雪地上, 且每座城市僅能建造一座。

  • It provides Appeal and Amenities, plus Culture based on adjacent Snow and Tundra tiles.

    「冰球場」除了提供魅力和滿意度外,還能 根據相鄰雪地和凍土單元格提供文化值。

  • Unlocking Flight adds tourisms and unlocking Professional Sports adds production and food.

    解鎖「飛行」科技後「冰球場」可提供額外旅遊業績, 而解鎖「職業體育」市政後其還可提供生產力和食物。

  • It also provides culture if adjacent to a stadium building.


  • Canada's unique ability isFour Faces of Peace.”


  • They cannot declare Surprise Wars, or be the target of one.


  • They also receive extra Favor for successfully completing an emergency, and additional Favor based on their Tourism.

    加拿大可透過旅遊業績獲得更多外交支持; 成功完成緊急事件後,還能獲得額外的外交支持。

  • Their unique unit is the Mountie.


  • This Light Cavalry unit has the ability to create a National Park.


  • It also receives a Strength bonus when fighting close to any National Park, and an even higher Strength bonus when fighting near Canadian owned National Parks.

    「騎警」在國家公園附近戰鬥時能獲得戰鬥力加成; 若在加拿大所擁有的國家公園附近戰鬥,還可獲得更多戰鬥力加成。

  • As Canada, you can take advantage of the icy landscape that most other civilizations will ignore.

    扮演加拿大時,可善用多數 文明所忽略的冰雪地形。

  • But should you fall under attack, your Mounties are powerful defenders.


  • Canada is built for a strong Culture victory, and can make a good run at a Diplomatic victory as well.

    加拿大不僅適合強勢拿下文化勝利, 奪得外交勝利的機會也很高。

  • Be sure to join as many Emergencies as possible to take full advantage of their Diplomatic strengths.

    記得要盡可能地加入緊急事件, 才能完整發揮外交優勢。

  • Will you guide the world with your sunny ways from the Great White North?

    你是否能帶領偉大的白色北國, 用陽光方式引領世界前進呢?

  • How will you lead Canada in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

    在《席德·梅爾的文明帝國VI 風雲際會》中, 你將領導加拿大走向何方?




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B2 中高級 中文 美國腔 加拿大 雪地 外交 建造 文明 公園

文明六:集結風暴》--初見。加拿大 (Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - First Look: Canada)

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