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  • New Loving Hut opens on Formosan (Taiwanese) island. The new Loving Hut Good Friend Veggi

  • House branch recently launched in Formosa’s popular Penghu archipelago as the first offshore

  • Loving Hut locale in Formosa (Taiwan).

  • Together, let’s Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! Yeah!

  • Like all locales of Loving Hut International, the Loving Hut Good Friend Veggi House exemplifies

  • Supreme Master Ching Hai’s concept of providing all customers with deliciously fresh and wholesome

  • cruelty-free cuisine at affordable prices, and it has already earned a very good reputation

  • amongst locals and tourists alike. In addition to serving traditional Chinese dishes such

  • as Pumpkin Dumpling Soup, the venue also specializes in exotic Southeast Asian flavors, such as

  • Singaporean Herbal Noodle Soup, Thai Coconut Rice, and Aulacese (Vietnamese) Summer Noodles.

  • Our Formosan correspondent shares more on location.

  • Formosan Correspondent: Penghu is Formosa’s largest offshore island. There are green seas,

  • blue skies, and brilliant sunshine. Every summer, it attracts many tourists to come

  • here to sightseeing. Now, there is also a wonderful Loving Hut here. Let’s go inside

  • together and have a look!

  • Customer (f): Wow! It smells so good!

  • Customer 2 (f): The meal preparation is very good; eating it makes me feel very good and

  • very happy.

  • Customer 3 (f): The service here is very friendly, and the price is very reasonable. Being vegan

  • makes me feel unburdened, with peace of mind.

  • Customer 4 (m): Vegetarianism is very good. From a medical aspect, it purifies our body

  • and improves our health; from the spiritual aspect, we can feel that we are full of compassion;

  • from the environmental aspect, it reduces carbon emissions.

  • Customer 2 (f): I want to bring my friends to dine here together!

  • Customers: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! Yeah!

  • VOICE: Hooray, Loving Hut, on another successful opening! We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai

  • for her continual encouragement for the sharing of this international endeavor. May such scrumptious

  • and fulfilling vegan cuisine bring us all on the fast track to a healthier, more kindhearted

  • world. �

New Loving Hut opens on Formosan (Taiwanese) island. The new Loving Hut Good Friend Veggi


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臺灣澎湖列島新愛心小屋開張 (New Loving Hut opens in Penghu archipelago, Formosa Taiwan)

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