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  • Really high winds now here in a typhoon in Tokyo!

  • I shouldn't be outside, but I am, because--

  • I look heroic.

  • These are typhoon winds, I tell ya!

  • Oh, here comes someone, hello.

  • Act more dramatic.

  • You're totally undercutting what I'm doing.

  • I'm going like this.

  • No, and you're just walking with coffee?

  • On a Starbucks run?

  • It's not Starbucks.

  • Get outta my shot!

  • Here comes a very brave young investment banker.

  • Get inside, you'll be killed.

  • Oh, thank you, thank you very much.

  • You're good man.

  • You went out of your way to make a snide comment.

  • Okay, release that water bottle so it looks dramatic!

  • That's it?

  • This is Conan O'Brien for Channel Four News,

  • saying we used to be Channel Seven News,

  • one day, day we'll be Channel Two News.

  • Back to you CNN.

  • This has been TBS.

Really high winds now here in a typhoon in Tokyo!


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假氣象學家Conan O'Brien從日本發來的報道。 (Fake Meteorologist Conan O'Brien Reports From Japan)

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