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About a year ago, I was invited to a wedding in Japan.
A woman named Kayo, who's Japanese, is marrying a Japanese-American, and she and her husband, she said, are big fans of yours truly.
They invited me to their wedding which was really nice.
They sent me all these treats.
I couldn't go, of course, but I'm here, I'm now in Tokyo.
And I found out where they're living, which is right down here, so, let's go say hi.
Anybody there?
Hi, how are you?
I'm here.
Hi, how are you?
You are, what's your name?
I'm Michael.
Michael, hi.
And you?
Kayo. Kayo, come here.
Wow. Hi, how are you, yeah, how's it going?
Yeah, how was the wedding?
It was great actually.
Yeah, sorry I missed it.
That's OK.
Sorry, I wanted to be there.
But I realized it's 6,000 miles, and I don't know you.
Mind if I come in?
Oh, beautiful.
Thank you.
I wish I had been able to go.
Would it be cool if I crash here tonight?
Yeah. That's weird.
What do you mean, "it's weird?"
This is just a man you invited to your wedding, showing up a year later, and lying in bed with you and your husband.
I know that you guys are fans of the show.
What are the things that you like most about the show?
Jordan, what's his-
You like Jordan Schlansky?
I like.
But he's so weird.
I know, he talks a lot.
He talks a lot.
And sometimes he irritates me, doesn't he?
Do you see it? Wouldn't he irritate you?
You don't think he would irritate you?
OK, well that's good, because we have a gift for you.
Come on in, Jordan.
I look around your house, and I see a lot of clues that this is representative of Japanese culture.
I see minimalism.
I see that every object has a place.
I see that every object belongs somewhere.
There is almost a spiritual energy here.
Do you have a bathroom I could use?
And, in fact, I can see that everything is placed very carefully.
I'll be right back.
It never appears that something just fell into place.
For example, you have smart choices and minimalist choices.
When I see few things, I look at each thing, and it makes me go deeper into each of those things.
So I'll like, I'll look at your Lego toys right there, and I look very deep, and I can see all the details and the minutiae.
Now these are details that you toiled over.
We do 42 weeks a year, so now you're talking about 42 weeks of shows a year.
Now how can I maintain my sense of self in a world that wants to defeat me?
It requires incredible strength.
It requires fortitude.
It requires determination.


【康納秀】康納遊日本-康納帶了驚喜要送給日本的粉絲 (Conan Surprises Japanese Fans)

329 分類 收藏
Makoto 發佈於 2018 年 12 月 8 日
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