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What's up everybody?
I'm Greg Miller and I'm here in Maryland at Firaxis Games
to find out all about Civilization VI.
Is Civilization VI the best one yet? No pressure.
Civilization VI builds on everything we've done before
Is it the best one yet?! Yes or no?
That's what I like to here.
What we've done with this is taken just the best
of what we had in past versions of Civilization,
we brought forward all the great systems everybody loved to play with before
and then piled a lot more on top of that.
It's really exciting to have a chance to kind of put our own stamp on the series
How do you come in to Civilization VI wanting to tweak things, change things
but not change it into something completely different
where people are alienated?
We have a rule at Firaxis:
you can add 33 percent new stuff,
33 percent stuff that you tweak.
But the last third should stay pretty much exactly the same
you know, and if it ain't broke don't fix it.
What's the most interesting aspect for you?
I would say it comes down to the core tenet of the game,
which is unstacking the cities.
In Civ V and Civ games all the buildings and all the sort of economy stuff
you have in your city is all kind of crammed in this city center tile.
And the idea with districts that Ed had was to take some of that
and put it out on the map.
And so each city kind of takes on its own personality.
So it's very clear what that city does.
You can see I have a library, I have a university or I have a temple.
It changes just about everything.
Every time you plop down a settler you're not just looking at the resources,
you're looking at everything around it
as your city gets specialized based on what you're seeing on the map.
and not just aesthetically but in terms of the game play.
I'm reading the map in a way that I have never done before.
We have chosen our leaders this time in order to come up with the people
who are the biggest personalities
we love having Teddy Roosevelt as our American leader.
Welcome to the United States of America
We have a whole new diplomatic system for our leaders so that they can
bring those personalities into the game.
And we call that the Agenda System.
So we look at what that character did in history. And so for Roosevelt,
it is the Big Stick diplomacy policy.
And he was going to build up the American military to be strong enough that it was
just like "hands off of the Americas."
He looks at the continent around him and if anyone's mucking around
starting wars there you're on his list.
We've talked a lot about you know Civilization VI is doing this,
it's going to be great, it's going to be great,
all these things are going to be great - we get it. 55 00:02:29,566 --> 00:02:32,026 But like what I want to know is what is the riskiest thing you've done?
We rebuilt the game engine entirely.
We have all these things working in CIV V and we just like...out the window.
And it actually has worked out well enough that when we get to talking
about mod-ability
people are going to go nuts with how much power we're going to put in place.
Civ V came out, critically acclaimed, everybody likes it.
But they're like well,
I feel like I'm using military more than I'm ever using diplomacy.
And then as the expansions come out,
it feels like you guys are addressing those concerns.
Is that how you guys develop:
based on what people are saying and seeing how people play the game
and move it all together that way?
We absolutely spend more time than the fans think reading those forums.
Cut to you guys crying at the computer.
What is the secret to Civilization?
The fact that it's been around 25 years.
The way it just spans throughout time allows just a limitless amount
of ideas to be bolted onto it
and have it work and become a whole new game while keeping that same foundation.
There's just an amazing amount of stuff you can do with it.
Civilization VI comes out October 21st, 2016.
Until next time, it's been our pleasure to serve you.


文明帝國6 開發團隊 (CIVILIZATION VI First Look: The Development Team)

32 分類 收藏
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