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to prepare for peace you also need to
prepare for war in sid meier's
civilization six were becomes more
consequential overtime and can affect
the way other sibs you and trust you
when you go to war
you're going to want to avoid a long
drawn-out conflict the warmonger penalty
affects not only how other cities view
you and how willing they will be to
cooperate with or oppose you
but also the happiness in your own
cities in the ancient era you will not
gain warmonger penalties but as the ages
progress going to work becomes more and
more frowned upon by other nations
declaring a surprise war may be an
effective way to get the jump on your
opponent but don't be surprised when no
other nation in the world will trust you
sometimes a sieve just won't like you
maybe your agenda conflicts with theirs
or maybe they're just aggressive when
another nations accusations or posturing
becomes too much for you to tolerate
denouncing them is a formal way of
declaring to the world that they're in
your sights after 5 turns you may
declare a formal war eventually you'll
unlock casa spell I like liberation or
colonial work which reduce warmonger
penalties but require certain criteria
to invoke Wars also cause war weariness
which reduces amenities in your cities
killing units in foreign territory
fighting wars without just cause or
dropping WMDs add the war weariness to
your city this negative effects can
cause your cities to work less
efficiently or at work
make your citizens result against you
and spawn partisan barbarians to pillage
your tiles managing war weariness and
warmonger penalties should be part of
your strategy when you do go to work a
capture city is a valuable spoil of war
if you raise the city you'll destroy it
but the rest of the world will be
shocked and you'll gain extra warmonger
you can occupy a city and claim it as
your own but the city won't be at its
full potential until the war ends you
can also liberate a city if it belonged
to someone else originally and also
gained a huge diplomatic bonus for your
once the war is over you can settle
diplomatic Lee returning the city you
captured to an opponent as part of a
peace deal might get you some golden
resources keeping a captured city will
make the original owner upset with you
are going to want their city back an
opponent that feels you're significantly
stronger than them will offer more
generous terms than one who thinks they
can still fight back or who just ate
fielding in war war mongering and war
weariness both DK slowly over time so
even the most aggressive players early
on can be forgiven later on in the game
but if you want to win by a domination
victory you probably aren't going to
worry about any effects to your
opponent's capitals hard with speed and
ranged weapon village their districts
with your bombers and if that doesn't
work you have some more dangerous option
after completing the manhattan project
you'll be able to build nuclear weapons
which are counted as resources and can
be used by bombers nuclear sub and
missile silos built by your military
engineers they destroy anything and
everything in a one tile radius of their
if that's not enough destruction you can
always research nuclear fusion which
will allow you to make thermonuclear
devices after completing the operation
ivy project take out a 2 tile radio but
using these powerful weapons will not
only make the world unite against you
they're likely to make your own citizens
deeply unhappy as well whether necessary
evil for a means to victory go to are
prepared in sid meier's civilization six


文明帝國6 如何準備戰爭 (CIVILIZATION VI How to Prepare for War)

172 分類 收藏
wei 發佈於 2018 年 12 月 3 日
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