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  • Poundmaker leads the Cree in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

    在《席德·梅爾的文明帝國VI 迭起興衰》裡, 由龐德梅克擔任克里領袖

  • He ruled his people during a tumultuous time in Cree history,

    他在克里歷史上的動盪時期當權執政, 審慎自如地併用軍事與外交手段

  • judiciously toeing the line between aggression and diplomacy.

    直到今天,人們還記得他讓克里人 與加拿大政府簽訂和平條約的功勞

  • Today he is remembered for his work to secure peace between the Cree and Canadian government.


  • The Cree's unique ability is “Nîhithaw.”


  • They receive their first Trade Route when they research Pottery.

    當商人首次移入克里城市方圓3格內的無主單元格時, 該單元格將自動歸屬於克里

  • The first time a Trader moves into an unclaimed tile within 3 tiles of a Cree city,


  • that tile is claimed.

    棚屋提供住房與生產力,若與奢侈品資源相鄰則能提供金幣收益, 若與加成資源相鄰則能提供食物收益

  • The Cree's unique improvement is the Mekewap.


  • This provides Housing and Production, as well as Gold when adjacent to a Luxury Resource,

    這支取代偵察兵的偵察單位, 除可獲得一次免費強化,還有更強的戰鬥力

  • and Food when adjacent to Bonus Resources.


  • Their unique unit is the Okihtcitaw.

    所有盟友可共享能見度,而通往擁有營地或牧場的外國城市 的貿易路線可帶來額外食物收益

  • This reconnaissance unit replaces the Scout,


  • but receives a free promotion and has additional Combat Strength.

    建立及維持高等級同盟能讓你在經濟與政治上 和龐德梅克一樣成功,而克里商人更是擴展帝國的寶貴資產

  • Poundmaker's unique ability isFavorable Terms.”

    研發「製陶術」科技將讓玩家提前享有拓展領土的好處, 並且踏出和鄰國建立友好關係的第一步

  • All alliances provide shared visibility,


  • and external trade routes grant additional Food when trading with cities with Camps and Pastures.

    在《席德·梅爾的文明帝國VI 迭起興衰》裡,您會如何領導克里?

  • The recipient of the trade route receives additional Gold per Camp or Pasture.

  • Creating and maintaining high level alliances will bring you economic and political success

  • as Poundmaker, and your Traders will be invaluable to extending your empire.

  • Researching Pottery right away will get you off to a quick start as you extend your land

  • and begin sowing the seeds of friendship with your neighbors.

  • Will you stand united and strong with your allies?

  • How will you lead the Cree in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

Poundmaker leads the Cree in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

在《席德·梅爾的文明帝國VI 迭起興衰》裡, 由龐德梅克擔任克里領袖


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B2 中高級 中文 美國腔 收益 帝國 路線 貿易 單元格 牧場

文明六:興衰初探》。克里人 (Civilization VI: Rise and Fall First Look: Cree)

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