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  • Cleopatra leads the Egyptian Civ in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.


  • Cleopatra is famous not only for rising to power in Egypt, but for her famous affairs with both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, believed to have changed the course of history in both Egypt and Rome.

    克麗奧佩脫拉有名之處,不只是成為埃及的女法老,還有她和 凱撒及安東尼的風流韻事,具信這些改變了埃及和羅馬的歷史發展。

  • The Egyptian civ's special ability is calledIteru.”


  • It allows Egypt to build districts and wonders faster if they're located on rivers.


  • Floodplains do not block the placement of districts and Wonders.


  • Cleopatra gives Egypt improvements to trade routes.


  • External trade routes from Egypt give Egypt additional gold.


  • Trade Routes from other civs give Egypt additional gold as well, and food for the originator.

    源自其他文明的貿易路線也能替埃及帶來額外的黃金, 還能替開闢貿易路線的文明帶來額外食物。

  • This makes Egypt an attractive trading partner and a valuable ally.


  • Egypt's unique unit is the Maryannu Chariot Archer, which gets bonus movement when it starts on open terrain.

    埃及的獨特單位是Maryannu馬車弓箭手,這種單位自開放地形上 開始移動時,可獲得移動加乘。

  • Early in the game it is best at fast attacks.


  • Its mobility means it can respond to wide-ranged threats.


  • Egypt also gets the Sphinx as a unique tile improvement.


  • Sphinxes provide faith and culture, and get bonuses when built adjacent to a Wonder.


  • The Egyptians are a Wonder-focused civ and especially powerful in the early game when they start near a river.

    埃及人是注重奇觀的文明,尤其遊戲初期若在河流旁發跡, 會格外地強大。

  • They're also uniquely valuable partners to other civs, so rather than isolating themselves, the Egyptians remain central to the political landscape throughout the game.

    他們也是其他文明獨特的有價值伙伴,因此,埃及人不會讓自己孤立, 而會在整個遊戲過程中作為政治版圖的核心。

  • Take control of the Egyptians from the cradle of civilization in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.


Cleopatra leads the Egyptian Civ in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.



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B2 中高級 中文 美國腔 埃及 文明 貿易 埃及人 路線 帶來

文明帝國VI》初見端倪。埃及 (CIVILIZATION VI First Look: Egypt)

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