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  • Get Civilized with Culture in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.


  • Culture is one of the major resources in Civilization.


  • Culture is used to unlock new Civics through the Civics Tree.


  • This provides you with new Governments, Social Policies, Cultural Buildings and Diplomatic advances.


  • The more culture you produce, the faster those civics unlock.


  • Initially culture is generated by your palace, and by building a monument.


  • You can also get culture from certain resources, natural wonders and the Theater District.


  • Inspirations are boosts to specific Civics, and you earn them through different things you do in the game.


  • You don't need an Inspiration to complete a civic, but they can speed your cultural progress.


  • For example, founding a Religion automatically completes half of the Theology Civic, which helps you generate Faith and build Temples.

    舉例來說,創立宗教會讓神學市政自動發展完成一半, 而這項市政有助產生信仰值和建造寺廟

  • Discovering City States boosts Political Philosophy, which allows you to change to your first new Governments.

    政治哲學會因發現城邦而加速發展, 這項市政可讓您首次更替新政體

  • A government is the way you rule your people.


  • Each one will have built in bonuses and allows you to customize it further through the policies unlocked by civics.

    每個政體都有帶有加成,而您可透過 由市政解鎖的政策做更進一步的自訂

  • Military Policies focus on improving your forces by making units easier to build, cheaper to maintain, or more effective in certain situations.

    軍事政策著重增強軍力,可讓單位更容易建造、 維護起來更便宜,以及在特定狀況下更有效率

  • Economic Policies mainly focus on improving how you generate and use resources.


  • Diplomatic policies focus on City State relations and Spies.


  • Finally, Wildcard Policies can be any policy from any other type, or special polices that generate Great People points.

    最後,通配符政策可以是任何其他類型政策, 或是能產生偉人點數的特殊政策

  • Be aware that changing policies and governments are free on the turn when a new civic is unlocked, but will cost you gold on other turns.

    特別注意的是,解鎖新市政的該回合可以免費變更政策和政體, 在其他回合裡若要變更政策和政體則得支付金幣

  • The Theater District is the best way to generate Culture.


  • Build Theaters next to other Districts and Wonders to get the highest adjacency bonuses.


  • Amphitheaters, Museums and Broadcast Towers in your Theater district will further increase their Culture output, and allow you to assign your population to this tile.

    劇院裡的古羅馬劇場、博物館和廣播中心,不但能進一步提升 劇院產生的文化值,還能讓您將人口分配至這個單元格

  • Great Writers, Artists, and Musicians are all legendary people your civilization can earn.


  • These people produce great works, which you can place in great works slots in your theater district to generate culture and Tourism.

    您可以在劇院區域的巨作槽位擺放這些偉人的 巨作來產生文化值和旅遊業績

  • Archaeologists also produce great works in the form of artifacts.


  • You can trade Great Works with other civs as a diplomatic option.


  • You can even get a bonus if you display works of the same type from different artists in an Art museum, or Artifacts from the same era from different Civs in the Archaeological museum.

    若您在美術館展出不同藝術家創作的同類作品, 或是在考古博物館展出不同文明的同時期文物,可以獲得加成

  • Tourism leads to the culture Victory in Civilization 6.


  • There are two types of Tourists, Domestic and Visiting.


  • Domestic Tourists are created from the total amount of Culture your Civilization has generated, and Visiting Tourists come from other Civs.


  • You win a culture victory when there are more Visiting Tourists to your Civ than any rival Civ has Tourists at home.

    若造訪您文明的觀光遊客數多過任何對手文明的國內遊客數, 您便可取得文化勝利

  • You will be able to attract visiting tourists to certain tiles, like Wonders, Theater Districts with Great Works, National Parks, and Seaside Resorts.

    特定的單元格可以吸引觀光遊客,例如奇觀、 展出巨作的劇院區域、國家公園和海濱度假區

  • National Parks can be built with a Naturalist unit on a Natural Wonder, while Seaside Resorts can be built by Builders on a Coast tile with an Appeal of 4 or higher.

    自然學家可在自然奇觀上建造國家公園; 建造者可在魅力達4以上的海岸單元格上建造海濱度假區

  • Certain other factors also affect tourism.


  • Tourists flock to Relics and Holy Cities but only if they share a religion with them, but this becomes less effective after their civ reaches the Enlightenment civic.

    遺物和聖城會吸引信奉相同宗教的遊客, 但若遊客的文明發展出啟蒙運動市政,吸引力會減弱

  • The Cristo Redentor Wonder gives more tourism for seaside resorts and makes your Relics and Holy Sites more effective after the Enlightenment.

    基督像奇觀能為海濱度假區帶來更多旅遊業績, 並讓遺物和聖地在啟蒙運動後有更大的吸引力

  • Tourism for Art and Artifacts is doubled if the Heritage Tourism Policy is in place, and Music is tripled for the Satellite Broadcasts Policy.

    採取遺產旅遊政策,可讓藝術與文物帶來的旅遊業績加倍; 採取衛星廣播政策,可讓音樂帶來的旅遊業績達到三倍

  • Finally all Tourism is doubled once the Computers Technology has been researched.


  • Can your Civilization be the shining standard of sophistication?


  • Get Civilized with Sid Meiers' Civilization VI.


Get Civilized with Culture in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.



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文明六 如何產生文化? (CIVILIZATION VI How to Generate Culture)

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