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  • Shaka leads the Zulu in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

    在《席德·梅爾的文明帝國VI 迭起興衰》裡 由夏卡擔任祖魯領袖

  • One of military history's greatest commanders, Shaka of the Zulu,

    祖魯的夏卡是軍事史上最偉大的指揮官之一 他這次帶著班圖大軍重返《文明帝國》世界

  • returns to Civilization - and brings his Impi force with him.


  • The Impi are the Zulu's unique unit.

    這些取代長矛兵的單位有著更高的側翼攻擊加成 且造價低於同時代的其他戰鬥單位 還有維護費用低和賺取經驗值更快的優點

  • These Pikeman replacements have an increased Flanking bonus, are less expensive


  • than other combat units of the same era, have a low maintenance cost, and earn XP faster.


  • The Zulu's unique ability isIsibongo.”


  • Conquering a city with a unit will upgrade it into a Corps or Army.


  • Also, cities with a garrisoned unit gain extra loyalty.

    這個區域不僅能提供住房 還能讓軍團與軍隊的產出速度加快

  • The Zulu's unique district is the Ikanda, a replacement for the Encampment.


  • This district provides housing, and corps and armies are created much faster.


  • Also, it allows corps and armies to be built outright.

    這種能力可提早解鎖軍團與軍隊 並可提昇單位的基礎戰鬥力

  • Shaka's leader ability isAmabutho.”


  • Corps and Armies unlock sooner, and receive additional base Combat Strength.

    打造大量的班圖軍團與軍隊,透過征服敵方城市 提升其戰力,你的領土便能快速增長。

  • There is strength in numbers when playing as Shaka.

    在擴展帝國版圖時,也別忘了注意厭戰情緒 您的當務之急是維持足夠的滿意度

  • Build plenty of Impi corps and armies,


  • bolster their power by capturing enemy cities, and your domain will grow rapidly.

    在《席德·梅爾的文明帝國VI 迭起興衰》裡,您會如何領導祖魯?

  • Remember to keep a close eye on your War Weariness as your empire spreads

  • having enough Amenities will be of utmost importance.

  • Will your Impi warriors swarm the world?

  • How will you lead the Zulu in Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

Shaka leads the Zulu in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.

在《席德·梅爾的文明帝國VI 迭起興衰》裡 由夏卡擔任祖魯領袖


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