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  • Trajan leads Rome in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.


  • He ruled Rome at the height of its territorial expanse, built many public projects, and is remembered as one of the Five Good Emperors.

    他統治著版圖最大的羅馬,建造了許多公共工程, 被推崇為五賢帝之一。

  • All Roads Lead to Romewhich is also the name of Rome's special ability.

    「條條大路通羅馬」 - 這也是羅馬的特殊能力。

  • Not only do all cities start with a Trading Post, but new cities within trade route range of your capital also start with a road to them.

    所有城市一開始都有「貿易站」,而且設置在您首都 貿易路線範圍內的新城市一開始就有道路相連。

  • Your Trade Routes earn extra Gold for passing through Trading Posts in your own cities.


  • Rome's unique unit is the Legion.


  • Although more expensive than the Swordsman it replaces, it is stronger and can function as a military engineer to build forts and roads, but keep in mind there's only a limited number of times that they can build.

    「軍團」取代了「劍客」且更昂貴,但實力更強且能作為軍事工程師建造堡壘和道路。 不過,請記住,他們的建造次數是有限制的。

  • The Baths are Rome's replacement for the Aqueduct.


  • It provides Amenities and more Housing than the Aqueduct.


  • Trajan's Column is his special ability.


  • All cities start with one free building in their city center.


  • Most of the time this'll be a monument.


  • To make the most of Rome's abilities, you're going to want to establish cities quickly, then head for Engineering as a technology to take advantage of their Baths.

    若要把羅馬的能力發揮到淋漓盡致,您會希望盡快建造許多城市, 然後研究出「工程」科技,好利用「浴場」帶來的優勢。

  • After that you'll want to expand quickly across the world.


  • While this might lead you into conflict with other civilizations, don't be afraid to rely on your mighty Legions.

    儘管這可能會讓您和其他文明發生衝突, 但靠著羅馬強大的「軍團」,沒什麼好怕的。

  • You'll have early access to Forts to help you hold your territorial gains.


  • Can you lead your people to an age of peace from your eternal city?


  • How will you lead Rome in Sid Meier's Civilization VI?


Trajan leads Rome in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.



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文明帝國VI》--初見。羅馬 (CIVILIZATION VI - First Look: Rome)

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