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  • Victoria leads the English Civ in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.


  • The British Empire reached its widest expanse during her 63-year-reign.


  • She remains one of the most popular and iconic rulers of England to this day.


  • The English special ability is called British Museum.


  • Archaeological Museums have extra artifact slots, and each museum gives more archeologists.

    「考古博物館」有額外的文物空位,而且每間博物館可以提供 更多的考古學家。

  • England gets two unique units to help secure their overseas holdings.


  • The Sea Dog is a unique naval unit that can bully weaker naval units, and capture enemy ships.

    「海狗」是獨特的海上單位,可以欺壓弱小的海上單位, 並能俘虜敵人船隻。

  • In addition, they get the Redcoat Unique Unit.


  • Redcoats are stronger when fighting away from the capital's continent.


  • They can also disembark without using a movement point.


  • For this powerful overseas force, the English have a unique district in the Royal Navy Dockyard.


  • It provides bonus movement for naval units built there, bonus gold for Dockyards on other continents, and `Great Admiral points.

    在「皇家海軍船塢」建造的海軍單位可獲得額外的移動點數, 此外,它還能提供其他大陸上的船塢額外黃金,另也能提供 「海軍統帥」點數。

  • The English can be an aggressive and expansionist Civilization, but they can also switch towards a cultural victory if they set up their museums and send their archeologists abroad.

    英國是富侵略性且抱持擴張主義的文明,但是他們也可以改走 文化勝利路線:廣設博物館並派遣考古學家到國外。

  • May the sun never set on your Empire as you lead the English to Victory in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

    在《文明帝國VI》裡帶領英國邁向勝利吧, 願您的帝國成為日不落國。

Victoria leads the English Civ in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.



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文明帝國VI》--初見。英國 (CIVILIZATION VI - First Look: England)

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