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  • Hi Bob the Canadian here.

  • There are several ways to use the word "way" in English.

  • In this video let's take a look at several different uses of the word "way".

  • One of the first uses of the word "way" is with two phrases that can be used to cheer

  • or encourage someone.

  • The first phrase is:

  • Way to go!

  • And the second phrase is:

  • That's the way!

  • So let's imagine you're watching your favourite football team, and you want to cheer or encourage

  • them.

  • You could yell:

  • That's the way team!

  • You can do it!

  • Or you could yell:

  • Way to go team!

  • You are doing great.

  • A second way to use the word "way" is to describe distance using the phrase:

  • "All the way"

  • You could say things like:

  • He ran all the way to the library.

  • Or, He drove all the way to Toronto.

  • In this phrase when we say "all the way" we mean that they drove the entire distance,

  • or they went the entire distance.

  • He went all the way to Toronto.

  • He drove the entire distance to Toronto.

  • A third use of the word way can be when talking about the path or direction someone is going.

  • The phrase "go the other way" could be used to tell someone to turn around.

  • Stop!

  • Go the other way!

  • You could say to tell someone that they can't come forward, but they need to turn around

  • and go in the opposite direction.

  • We also use the word "way" when using phrases like "it is on the way"

  • You could say:

  • I can pick up milk on my way to work because the store is in between my home and the place

  • I work at.

  • I can stop on the way.

  • And the third way to use it with paths or distances is the phrase "to have lost your

  • way"

  • He lost his way.

  • This basically indicates that the person is lost.

  • They don't know where they are anymore.

  • On his way to the store he lost his way.

  • He is now lost.

  • A fourth way to use the word "way" in English is to describe a method for doing something,

  • or to describe the method that someone did do something.

  • So you could use phrases like:

  • The way to do it.

  • I know the way to make bread.

  • Or to describe that there are several ways to do something.

  • There are many ways to make bread.

  • Or to describe how someone is doing something.

  • So you could say:

  • I like the way you sing.

  • And finally there's just a few more phrases that aren't in a group specifically, but we

  • say things in English like the phrase:

  • the way.

  • And you can use the phrase "by the way" to start a sentence.

  • By the way I am going to a movie tonight.

  • By the way have you seen the last Star Wars movie.

  • It's kind of an introduction to a sentence.

  • You could also say the phrase:

  • Way too fast.

  • You can describe someone as driving way too fast which means they are over the speed limit.

  • Or you could say that he eats his food way too fast.

  • Indicating that he doesn't just eat the food fast.

  • He eats it faster than fast.

  • Way too fast.

  • And lastly you could say:

  • Get out of the way!

  • If you were carrying something heavy and someone was blocking your path you could say:

  • Get out of the way!

  • Asking them to move and to clear the direction that you want to go in.

  • Well that's several ways to use the word "way" in English.

  • Bob the Canadian here.

  • Learn English with Bob the Canadian.

  • Be sure to stay around and enjoy some of my other videos and have a great day.

Hi Bob the Canadian here.


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學習英語中 "way "一詞的不同用法:) (Learn Different Ways to Use the Word "way" in English :))

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