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- Hey, I'm Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof
and a longtime meditator.
I've been to Tibet to learn meditation
with the masters, done ayahuasca in Peru
with shamans, and spent 20 years regularly
studying meditation with neurofeedback
on my head, even started a neuroscience
company focused on that.
And one of the most powerful things
you could do to accelerate your meditation
isn't glue electricity things to your head.
It's to learn how to breathe effectively.
And there's one breath that stands out
more than any other for going to sleep
and for deep relaxation quickly.
You can stack this kind of breathing
with other techniques I've trained, like box breathing.
This technique is called Ujjayi breathing.
What it is is something that's almost a snore but not quite.
What you do is you close your mouth
and you breathe in through your nose.
When you breathe in through your nose
it normally just sounds like air
but you wanna almost get to the point
where you're snoring, but not quite.
And it should sound like it does when you put
a sea shell up to your ear.
So what you do is you can close your eyes
or keep them open, but it works better
with your eyes closed.
Close your mouth and then breathe in.
And you're constricting your throat slightly
so that you have that deep sound.
A meditation teacher or yoga instructor
can tell you exactly whether you're doing
it right based on the sound but you can learn this at home.
You know you've gone too far if it sounds
like this (snoring) because you're basically snoring.
You wanna be right on the edge of that
but not quite there, so (inhaling).
And when you do this right, you'll find
that your abdomen moves forward.
So you can actually feel your hand move
if it's on your abdomen.
If instead you do it like this (inhaling)
and it's only in the top of your lungs
it doesn't work as well.
So when you lay down at night, if you're having
a hard time going to bed, there's thoughts
racing through your mind, you just do this breath.
Breathe in for five seconds.
And you can breathe out normally (exhaling)
or you can breathe out with an Ujjayi breath as well.
(inhaling and exhaling)
Either one works.
Slow, deep in-breath with a slightly
constricted throat completely changes how your body reacts.
If you're measuring your heart rate variability
you can see changes in it, but more importantly,
(fingers snapping) you fall asleep.
So there you have it.
The Ujjayi breath.
You can use it for stress reduction
before a meeting and you can use it
to go to bed at night.
It's way more effective than a normal breath
and it's more effective because when you
constrict your throat like that, it puts
your body in a relax mode faster.


Ujjayi 呼吸法 (Father Of Biohacking: Dave Asprey - Ujjayi Breathing)

259 分類 收藏
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