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Hello there unboxer! This is Sakis Karpas from GameOver.gr in another episode of Unboxholics.
Today we will take a look at Total War: Rome II Collector's Edition, Creative Assembly's newest addition to the Total War Series.
It's hard trying to hide our enthusiasm since Total War is one of our favorites video game series, especially Rome: Total War.
The size and weight of this collector's edition is quite big when compared to other collector's editions but it still looks elegant.
A symbol of the Roman Legion can be found on the front side.
Also, anyone who pre-ordered the game gets access to the Greek States Culture Pack.
It kinda looks like a book, doesn't it? You'll see why in a bit.
Look at how neat everything is!
As you can see, the steelbook looks like it was damaged but in fact it's not. It's a sign of gradual attrition.
The concept is that all the items included come from the Roman Empire.
Inside of it you can find 3 DVDs and a manual.
A leaflet for the Punic Wars game is also included.
The quality of the cards is quite good and their design is inspired by the Roman Empire.
A burlap drawstring bag contains 30 bone-effect game-pieces in order to play Tabula (Roman Backgammon).
Their design is based on original Roman Tesserae, found at the archaeological site of Herculaneum.
As you can see, Punic Wars can be played on the box.
You will also find instructions on how to play the game inside.
As a reminder of the worlds you must conquer, Sega included a campaign map on canvas.
Last but not least, the item that caught our attention is the complete and fully-functional Roman siege catapult.
This was a brilliant and smart idea since an item like this has never been included in a collector's edition before.
We were amazed that Sega included a glue for keeping the pieces tight together. Of course, instructions on how to build this catapult are included.
We won't use the glue now but we suggest that you do if you buy it.
Total War: Rome II Collector's Edition is available now for €119.
In our opinion, it's easily one of the best collector's editions of 2013.
If you can afford it, there's no need to think about it. Go ahead and buy it.
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Until the next episode, take care!


全軍破敵羅馬二 拆箱 (Rome 2 Total War Collector's Edition Unboxing (Total War Rome II) | Unboxholics)

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