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  • I'm Gillian Ross and I'm a Commis Chef here. I've only been cheffing

  • since July and this is my first chef job here.

  • We've got two basic shift patterns

  • we've got half seven till 12 o'clock in the afternoon and then you come back at five

  • o'clock for evening service

  • and then there's the 12 o'clock in the afternoon until finish so if I'm on the

  • morning shift then you'll do breakfast for everyone that's staying in the hotel

  • and then prep up for the next day

  • which just involves cutting up more breakfast stuff for the next morning

  • so you don't have to do that when you come in

  • and then we've got a list that we work from

  • that can be done before service like sauces

  • and things like that which just need heated up.

  • General day-to-day jobs

  • like cutting up vegetables

  • just chores that need done every day.

  • I got to this position just by chance really

  • in school I thought I either wanted to do cheffing or something else

  • I wasn't too sure

  • in school I never really thought about what I was going to do.

  • I ended up working here part time while I was at college

  • studying for something else

  • and I was working as a waitress.

  • I just got kind of fed up with it and there was a position coming up in the kitchen

  • so I just thought I'll go for that and see what happens

  • and I've been there ever since

  • I've really enjoyed it.

  • There's certain courses which you need to do

  • like I've done a food hygiene course

  • that's basic for working around food.

  • I'm also doing an SVQ level 2 in Professional Cookery. You can also go to college and study

  • it full time

  • which I haven't done

  • most of my learning's been practical-based

  • I've just learned as I went along

  • throughout the job.

  • You need a good ability to work in a team

  • that's really essential because you're covering each others' backs.

  • You need to be able to work hard

  • it's a hard job.

  • You are here a lot of time

  • there's not really a personal life involved 0:02:00.590,0:02:03.860that's the only downside I would see is the long hours.

  • The upsides of the job are when you get to put your own input into a menu and you design

  • a dish and plate it up and you just look at it and think, "oh that's really good."

  • When the waiting staff come back and say, "compliments from this table" and you

  • think, "ah ha! that was me" [laughs].

  • My advice to you would be if you wanted to go into a career in cheffing is to be prepared

  • for the amount of hard work you're going to have to put in

  • but you do get rewards at the end of it

  • if you love food and you love dealing with food then you'll love the career.

  • But just be prepared for hard work and long hours.

I'm Gillian Ross and I'm a Commis Chef here. I've only been cheffing


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首席辦事員:工作簡介 (Commis Chef: Job Profile)

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