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  • How do you get from point A to point B?

  • Why not spice it up with homemade special effects?

  • A film is simply a series of images

  • played in sequence to create the illusion of motion.

  • If you manipulate those images,

  • crazy things can happen.

  • We used a tablet and one of the many stop motion apps out there.

  • How do you get from point A to point B?

  • We started off by taking a bunch of pictures of Celeste in place.

  • Then, just like stop motion animation,

  • the character is moved just a bit

  • before the next picture is taken,

  • which, in this case, creates a sliding effect.

  • Here we use the oldest trick in the book.

  • By alternating between photos

  • of Celeste on-screen and off-screen,

  • we've made her childhood dream of teleportation a reality.

  • With a little creativity, there are a million ways

  • you can used homemade special effects

  • to make something as simple as

  • getting from point A to point B much more fun.

  • If you're at a loss for ideas,

  • try finding inspiration in your surroundings,

  • like the refrigerator

  • and your coat rack.

  • You can even try incorporating

  • everyday objects from around your house,

  • like, say, umbrellas

  • or binder clips.

  • Wherever there is an object,

  • there is an opportunity to make it come to life.

  • When humans are used in stop motion animation,

  • that's called pixilation,

  • a term coined in the mid-twentieth century,

  • well before the word pixel was a part of our vocabulary.

  • But these sorts of special effects

  • are as old as the art of film making,

  • and thanks to today's technologies,

  • can be reproduced in your very own kitchen.

  • Moving an object from point A to point B

  • is a fundamental principle of animation.

  • To learn more about the process

  • and the tools we used,

  • visit the "Dig Deeper" section on

How do you get from point A to point B?


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【TED-Ed】動畫基礎知識:自制特效--TED-Ed (【TED-Ed】Animation basics: Homemade special effects - TED-Ed)

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