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  • Okay, so there's a trend today online usually amongst filmmakers and photographers on YouTube creating titles like

  • 'You need this 'or 'This thing will change your life'. It's usually in all caps. It's also usually

  • 00:00:21,039 --> 00:00:23,999 sensational clickbait and complete bullshit

  • First I see nothing wrong with promoting products or giving recommendations based upon things that have added value to your life

  • Say you've got a camera or a backpack and it's served you well over the years

  • You've gotten a lot of function, use, or even joy out of it

  • I think it's completely fine to share that with your audience or your friends

  • I even think it's okay to make money doing that to get paid to do it just because I don't monetize my videos

  • I don't put advertisements or sponsorships doesn't mean that I think that it's immoral

  • It's just a path that I don't want to go down right now

  • I want to try to see if there's an alternate way to make a living as a content creator

  • But I do think we need to draw a line in the sand. There's a difference between simply recommending a product even

  • Enthusiastically even for money and trying to make people feel like they won't be complete until they get this one thing

  • It's one of the earlier tactics that was applied by advertisers

  • They tell people what they should want and create desire in the first half of the 20th century marketers didn't need to be very clever

  • Now that's what I call a good looking car.

  • But when consumers became more skeptical of advertising the messaging had to smarten up as well

  • What happens actually beginning in the 1960s is there's a revolt against advertising

  • As a cultural Authority and so beginning in the 60s with the famous

  • Volkswagen ads in which the Volkswagen Beetle is advertised as sort of the anti Detroit, you know

  • The ugly car instead of the beautiful luxurious with the tail fins and all of that. Here's the squat little 'anti-car'

  • Advertising takes on that sort of counter cultural messaging

  • the interesting part about it is that they are

  • Putting forward an anti-corporate anti commercial messaging in order to sell products

  • That's advertising going out of its way to interest you entertain you reward you for your time

  • Advertising has continued to evolve and embed itself deeper in the culture.

  • Obvious product placements have turned into sponsored social posts

  • And educational TV spots have turned into content marketing

  • We've seen advertisers move in that direction in a big way over the last couple of decades

  • because people don't have the same kind of skepticism, their antenie aren't up

  • And now it seems like we've come full circle

  • But this time we're selling the bullshit to each other

  • Here's the thing I realize that it's really challenging to come up with a great catchy title for your videos

  • so in this video

  • I thought it'd be a great idea to maybe take some of these titles that I think are

  • Unhelpful and unhealthy and just rephrase them try to figure out a way that I can get creative

  • To make the videos as successful as they are without making people feel like crap

  • So instead of using a title like 'the lens you must have', how about 'A powerful lens for portraits'

  • And instead of a title like 'you need this travel bag' in parentheses, 'seriously'

  • How about 'I love all caps but not for every word'

  • And finally instead of 'the camera you need', how about

  • 'This camera might be helpful, but there are a lot of cameras that are great. So I shouldn't assume what you need for your specific projects'

  • So I don't want to be too hard on the people that use these tactics

  • There are even people that I respect and admire and really like that use them

  • But I am saying that I think we can be a little bit better

  • We can be a little bit more helpful, and it really takes

  • Our responsibility our ownership of these videos and titles and

  • Just because something's gonna work

  • Just because you're gonna use a clickbait title. That's a bit sensational means you're gonna get X amount more views

  • You need to ask yourself. How many views do you need if you only got?

  • 200,000 views on this video

  • Would that be a shame or did you need 500,000 views and if it's at the cost of making other people feel like they need?

  • Something I think that's when we need to start looking inside and realizing that these tactics really are

  • Bullshit not helpful

  • The difference between

  • version 1 and version 2 of your camera isn't going to be the difference between you being a shitty filmmaker and a great filmmaker if

  • you really want to make that difference make that leap from bad to

  • Good

  • You need to make as many videos as you possibly can and continue to hone the craft and I'll tell you what you probably have

  • Everything you already need right now

  • If you've got an entry-level camera, even if you've got an iPhone, you've got enough to get started and yes

  • You can reinvest down the road as you start to make money in your creative field

  • But try not to feel like you need these things in order to get success

  • You need these things in order to make an amazing film because that's simply not true

  • Alright, let me know in the comments

  • if you guys think that I've lost my damn mind and this is something that

  • You don't care about or are thinking about at all

  • Of course many of the times I have ideas about advertising that aren't shared among the world let alone

  • My small audience here. So feel free to let me know what you think in the comments

  • I'm really excited to hear from you guys and hear your thoughts on this topic

  • And of course if you want to help support this ad-free channel

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  • So I talk about lifestyle design business

  • filmmaking creativity all that good stuff

  • And of course if you don't have the money to contribute to my patreon account do not feel pressured

  • I want you to continue to enjoy my content guilt-free. You do not need my patreon content, but it might help

  • Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

Okay, so there's a trend today online usually amongst filmmakers and photographers on YouTube creating titles like


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