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  • Jacque Fresco - Oct 10, 2010

  • It's very hard for a traditional person

  • to step out of their tradition

  • and investigate with the means that they never had.

  • Influence of Background

  • If you don't have the background to investigate

  • you don't know what to check with; you check with another metaphysician

  • and he's bound to sing your song.

  • So you say "I agree completely with you."

  • You don't say

  • "Do you have evidence to support that point of view?"

  • Free Will

  • The free will assumption, that there's nothing that causes it,

  • it's just a terrible assumption - that there's nothing responsible for it,

  • it's self determined.

  • "Self" meaning without cause.

  • Free will means "without cause."

  • Try thinking of something without an influence.

  • Blame

  • It makes it easier, much easier,

  • for society to flourish by blaming people

  • rather than taking into account

  • the physical factors responsible for the behavior.

  • Cause

  • And if you don't know what the cause is,

  • the greatest thing you can do is say

  • "I don't know. I'm gonna try to look into it."

  • But, how do you look into it?

  • There are laws that govern how you look into it.

  • Are you going to study those laws?

  • or are you going to look into it with the old value system?

  • The old value system will reveal nothing.

  • What you want

  • People are not that precise in their language.

  • Say "What do you want?" "I want access to the necessities of life."

  • They can't say that.

  • They've never been taught that.

  • They've been taught a roundabout way

  • of talking about things.

  • Values & Habits of Thought

  • So The Venus Project does not concern itself

  • with habits of thought or "success" as used today.

  • It concerns itself with the physical factors

  • that are responsible for our values.

  • If you want a better world you have to make it better.

  • You have to be...

  • this is what you must use: "ruthlessly honest."

  • Otherwise you can't make it.

  • 2018 The Venus Project

  • Video edit + photography Joel Holt

Jacque Fresco - Oct 10, 2010


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雅克-弗雷斯科--自由意志、原因、背景的影響。 (Jacque Fresco - Free Will, Cause, Influence of Background)

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