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  • This is a story about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who lives in London. He is a greedy

  • and mean-spirited moneylender who despises Christmas. But because it's Christmas Eve,

  • he reluctantly gives his clerks, among them Bob Cratchit, the following day off.

  • Just as Scrooge is about to enter his home for the evening, he sees the face of his old

  • business partner, Marley, in the door knocker. This frightens him, but Scrooge shrugs it

  • off and prepares for bed. Later that evening, Scrooge is visited by Marley's ghost, who

  • warns him that in order to avoid an afterlife of torment, Scrooge will be visited by three

  • ghosts.

  • Scrooge can hardly sleep and the first ghost arrives on time. The Ghost of Christmas Past

  • takes him to special memories of his childhood and young adult years, where he becomes so

  • absorbed with making money that his fiancee leaves him.

  • Scrooge is then returned back to his room and is later visited by the second ghost,

  • the Ghost of Christmas Present. This jolly ghost takes him to the streets of London and

  • shows him how normal people celebrate Christmas, including Scrooge's nephew, Fred, and his

  • clerk, Bob Cratchit. The Cratchits, although poor, make the most of what they have and

  • are held together by the love of Tiny Tim, a small boy with a crutch.

  • This trip to the present seems to revitalize Scrooge's outlook on Christmas. However,

  • Scrooge is then visited by the third ghost, the Ghost of Christmas Future. This grim figure

  • shows how others react to Scrooge's eventual death and portrays the Cratchits in the aftermath

  • of Tiny Tim's death. Because of these signs, Scrooge vows to change and cherish Christmas.

  • Scrooge is then returned to his bedroom and finds that it is Christmas morning. He buys

  • a giant feast for the Cratchits and visits his nephew to celebrate Christmas.

  • In the end, Scrooge becomes generous and loves Christmas.

This is a story about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who lives in London. He is a greedy


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查爾斯-狄更斯的《聖誕頌歌》(書摘)--一分鐘讀書報告。 (A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Book Summary) - Minute Book Report)

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