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  • Hi, I'm home!

    哈囉 ! 我回家囉!

  • Hey Maxi! Let's say we go for a walk!

    我們出去散散步好嗎 ?

  • Oh, I got to admit, this is nice.


  • -I don't want to go to the vet! -The vet? No! no no no....

    —我不想去看獸醫! —獸醫?我不要不要不要……

  • Let´s go, buddy!


  • You tricked me.


  • - First time here. - Uh, yeah Oh, Dr. Francis is the best veterinarian in the business,

    - 你第一次來嗎 ? - 是的 - Francis 醫生是這裡最具權威的獸醫呦!

  • You're gonna love him. He specializes in behavioral disorders. - But I don't have a behavioral disorder.

    - 你會愛他的。他的專長是治療行為失序 - 但是我沒有行為失序呀!

  • I'm fine, too


  • It's by human. That's not. I mean, you know, I I bring her a dead bird. She throws it out.

    都是人類啦 ! 很難搞耶,你也知道的。我把一隻死鳥給她,她扔掉了

  • - I bring her a dead mouse, right now garbage. - Okay.

    - 我給「他」一隻死老鼠,就丟到垃圾桶 - 好吧 !

  • I've gone. Nowhere, nowheeere.


  • My owner always says you're such a good dog. And I feel like a good dog was what if deep down? I'm a bad dog.

    我的主人都說我是隻好狗狗,我覺得我只是自我感覺良好,但是內心呢 ? 其實很腹黑

  • We start fires.


  • - That was weird. - Oh sister, it's gonna get way weirder.

    -很怪好嗎? - 拜託 ! 姊妹,何止很怪,只有更奇怪而已

Hi, I'm home!

哈囉 ! 我回家囉!


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寵物的祕密生活2預告片(2019) (THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Trailer (2019))

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