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  • Hi!


  • Bob the Canadian here.


  • So I went to the store today and I bought some postcards.

    所以我今天去商店,我買了 一些明信片。

  • I'm not sure if you know what, what postcards are, but a postcard is something that you

    我不知道你是否知道什麼,什麼明信片? 是,但明信片的東西,你

  • buy when you're on vacation and then on the back you fill out the address of someone

    放假的時候買,放假的時候再買 後面填上某人的地址

  • you know and you send them a postcard.


  • I bought these postcards today because, in a previous video I asked you what country

    我今天買了這些明信片,因為,在。 之前的視頻中,我問你什麼國家

  • you were from, and I asked people to post in the comments what country they were from,

    你是哪裡人,我讓人貼出了 在評論中他們是什麼國家的。

  • and it was a really neat video.


  • I had a lot of people leave comments from all different parts of the world.

    有很多人給我留言,從 世界各地。

  • And then I was also thinking how much I like Canada.

    然後我也在想,我是多麼的喜歡 加拿大:

  • I like Canada because of the outdoors, it's really beautiful here.

    我喜歡加拿大,因為加拿大的戶外活動,它的。 這裡真的很美。

  • I like Canada because the people are friendly, and I really like Canada because of the seasons.

    我喜歡加拿大,因為那裡的人很友好。 我真的很喜歡加拿大,因為四季分明。

  • We have nice warm summers, but we also have really cold winters.

    我們有溫暖的夏天,但我們也有... 真正寒冷的冬天。

  • So I thought I would do this again.


  • I am really curious, I would really like to know more about your countries.

    我真的很好奇,我真的很想... ... 瞭解更多關於你們國家的情況。

  • So there's two ways that you can tell me about your country.

    所以,有兩種方法可以告訴我。 關於你的國家。

  • The first way is in the comments below.


  • You can go to the comments and please remind me again what country you are from, and post

    你可以去評論,請提醒 再告訴我你是哪個國家的人,然後貼上。

  • one or two things that you really like about your country.

    一兩件你真正喜歡的事情 貴國。

  • Or if you want to do something that's a little more fun, you could go and you could

    或者,如果你想做的事情是一個 多一點樂趣,你可以去,你可以

  • buy a postcard and you could send it to me.


  • So you could go to a store in your country, and you could find a postcard, I hope they're

    所以你可以去你們國家的商店。 你可以找到一張明信片,我希望他們是。

  • relatively cheap, and please only do this if you can afford to do this.

    相對便宜,而且請只做這個 如果你有能力這樣做。

  • Don't spend money to send me a postcard if you need that money for other things.

    不要花錢給我寄明信片。 如果你需要這些錢去做其他事情,

  • But if you want, go and buy a postcard, and my address I'll put my address right here,

    但是,如果你想,去買一張明信片,和。 我的地址我會把我的地址在這裡。

  • and my address will also be in the description below.

    我的地址也會在描述中出現 下面是:

  • And then send me a postcard and on the back give me your name, put your English name if

    然後給我寄一張明信片,背面寫上 告訴我你的名字,如果有的話,請寫上你的英文名。

  • you have an English name, I know some people around the world choose an English name and

    你有一個英文名字,我認識一些人。 在世界各地選擇一個英文名字和

  • then tell me something that you like about your country.

    然後告訴我你喜歡的東西 貴國。

  • Tell me something that's beautiful about your country, or something that you like.

    告訴我一些美麗的事情 你的國家,或者你喜歡的東西。

  • The front of the postcard can be from one of the beautiful places in your country.

    明信片的正面可以是來自於一 貴國美麗的地方的。

  • And then what I'll do is in a few weeks I'll wait a few weeks and see how many postcards

    然後我將做的是在幾個星期內, 我再等幾個星期,看看有多少明信片。

  • I get, I hope I get lots, and then I'll do another video and I'll show you all of

    我得到了,我希望我得到了很多,然後我將 做另一個視頻,我會告訴你所有的。

  • the postcards as well as the beautiful stamps, whatever stamp you end up putting on.

    明信片以及美麗的郵票。 無論你最終把什麼印章。

  • I'll show you all of the postcards that I received in a few weeks.

    我會給你看所有的明信片,這 我在幾個星期內收到了。

  • Maybe I'll wait four weeks, maybe six weeks to give the postcards time to arrive.

    也許我會等四個星期,也許六個星期。 讓明信片有時間到達。

  • So, yeah, tell me about your country, either do it in the comments below something you

    所以,是的,告訴我關於你的國家,要麼。 在下面的評論中做的東西,你

  • like about your country, or send me a postcard, I keep holding this one wrong.

    喜歡你的國家,或者給我寄一張明信片。 我一直拿錯這個。

  • Send me a postcard and I'll show you all of the postcards that I get in the mail over

    寄一張明信片給我,我就給你看。 的明信片,我在郵件中得到的。

  • the next few weeks.


  • I'll really excited about this.


  • I'm really excited to get a postcard from a few of you, and again those of you that

    我真的很興奮能收到一張明信片從 你們中的一些人,以及你們中的一些人

  • can afford it, so..


  • Anyways.


  • Bob the Canadian here.


  • I know this is a little bit of a different video for the week, but I still really enjoyed

    我知道這是一個有點不同的。 本週的視頻,但我還是很喜歡。

  • making it.


  • Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video.

    如果你喜歡,請豎起大拇指。 這個視頻。

  • Subscribe by clicking the subscribe button below, and for sure share this video.

    點擊訂閱按鈕進行訂閱 下面,一定要分享這個視頻。

  • Let's see, let's see how many postcards I can get!

    讓我們看看,讓我們看看有多少明信片。 我可以得到!

  • So..


  • Anyways, have a great day.


  • Have a great week.


  • And by the way, that is a little bit of snow on the ground.

    順便說一下,那是一點兒雪 在地面上。

  • I know in the last video people were asking me where the snow was.

    我知道在上一個視頻中,人們在問 我在哪裡的雪。

  • It's still late Fall.


  • It hasn't snowed a lot yet, but this was I think this was a snowman or a snowball that

    雖然還沒下多少雪,但這是... 我想這是一個雪人或一個雪球。

  • my kids made, and once we get good snow for making a snowman I'll do a video where my

    我的孩子們做的,一旦我們得到良好的雪為 做一個雪人,我會做一個視頻,我的。

  • kids and I make a snowman so that you can see what a snowman looks like.

    孩子們和我做了一個雪人,所以你可以。 看看雪人是什麼樣子的。

  • But yeah, that's what they look like when they melt.

    但是,是的,這就是他們的樣子,當。 他們融化。

  • It's gotten a little warmer in the last few days, but I'll definitely do that at

    最近天氣有點暖和了 幾天,但我一定會在。

  • some point in the future.


  • Anyways.


  • Bob the Canadian.


  • Learn English with Bob the Canadian.


  • Have a great day.




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