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let's go knock on the door see if the Spanos family has anything to say last
time we tried to do a video here we got kicked out we've said it multiple times
multiple episodes the Chargers should have stayed in San Diego that's what we
believe we're sticking to that oh it's covered in ants it's been sitting here a
Chargers old abandoned facility let's see if we can get in
like a gecko or something. Welcome to The Somethin'Or Other Tour. This
is the abandoned San Diego Chargers practice facility and headquarters we
came here before it wasn't abandoned yet so we're trying to see what we can see
about getting in trouble we don't know if people are on site or not I thought
there's people with you there sprinklers going on but one thing though our urban
explorers and whatnot Leave No Trace we're not here to destroy nothing you
know we just want to see where you know players that we look up to practice
so this is the old headquarters facilities practice field everything
this was the home in San Diego Chargers this in a Jack Murphy Stadium of course
which is right down the road if anyone doesn't know San Diego
Chargers moved to LA so this place has been abandoned for about a year now
it might be used by the San Diego Aztecs college football team as a facility and
they say there is plans to maybe turn it into a homeless shelter at some point as
you can see the sign is now gone all the banners and bolts around the place are
all taken down
Oh there's a whole entryway dude. Oh is that picture of Qualcomm yeah
San Diego Chargers no more right here's where all the fans were burning their
jerseys on the news
we want to get in the building but we can't get in the building but we are
gonna check out the field
his presidency what happened
this is one of the old facticity of they're still watering it
sports up there
Joey Bosa practice out here Junior Seau
and all the stationary bikes the training tables laid out look they're
just probably the locker room or training right there was a camera right
here little Minister this is the main turf out here and then the gym is over
this is where Phillip Rivers practiced out here
antonio gates of bigotry
everything good
kick a field walk
part of me doesn't want to leave that doesn't give up on getting into building
yet but the lights being on still has the things and the lights being on
sketching melody so that's like the main turf field and then they also had this
big grass field and you can see it's all overgrown now off and remove them so LT
all the practices dude players play used to run this track all the time yeah this
is cool right I know it's cool you can see the balcony up there like where they
were chill watch the practices like all the executives one of those Spanos is
chair up there they have all the loudspeakers so like during practice
they play music here and stuff we did it though
we go into your field well we couldn't get in the facility back to practice
fields still pretty cool so like subscribe share do all the cool things a
cool kids do let's go sorry this wasn't the most extensive
Explorer but there wasn't much to see just a field and we couldn't get into
the facility and we don't break in or do anything like that check out the other
videos we have Stadium tours games as well as like other urbex and just other
fun stuff too Thursday morning are just copying from Sadie's walk over French
doors going it's a nice cool morning beautiful football field ready to go
we'll get taped up stretched up ready to roll
all the track the LT practice is entire career their entire Hall came through
yet they did the Jets 49 entire charges for you
honest-to-goodness field let's walk down there


被遺棄的洛杉磯電光聖地牙哥總公司(美式足球) (Abandoned SAN DIEGO CHARGERS Headquarters)

109 分類 收藏
Zenn 發佈於 2018 年 11 月 16 日
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