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MIKE: Nervous?
Fuck off.
MIKE: The Senator's daughter just turned ten, Pierce.
So you better wash your mouth out before you meet her.
I'm her protection, not her nanny.
Her live-in protection.
We're basically glued to their hips for the next three months.
So, G-rating at all times, please.
That's right.
Get it all out now.
I violently dislike you.
"Thank you so much, Mike, for getting me this job.
I was going crazy cooped up in my home..."
I wasn't going crazy.
I'm just on leave.
Mr. Gore, good to see you.
Likewise, sir.
And you must be Miss Toure.
It's an honor to make your acquaintance, ma'am.
Why are you talking to me like that? I'm not a senator.
My partner, Lana Pierce.
Lana's fine, sir.
And Omar is good enough for me.
Ruby, meet Lana.
You're pretty.
I'm sorry, she has no filter.
Not that she's wrong. I mean, not that I'm agreeing.
Come on in.
SHUN: We need to get out of this cell.
What if someone's still alive in here?
SHUN: You saw what just happened to him.
MAN: Help me.
SHUN: Lana, wait!
SHUN: They're everywhere.
LANA: He's been shot.
LEE: The crew, the other passengers, they left without us.
There's no way.
There's no fucking way they just left us here!
They can't all have gone.
What about the man on the radio?
Because he sounded reliable?
Data doesn't lie. The entire ship evacuated an hour ago.
Why? What triggered it?
And why didn't they take us with them, huh?
There's external damage to the lowest ring of the ship.
I think something hit us.
Hit us?
AUTOMATED VOICE: Access denied.
LEE: Damn it. There's AI defenses in place.
It's difficult to get inside.
Hey. [SNAPS FINGERS] Hey! What do you mean, "hit us"?
I don't know!
I'm trying to piece it all together.
LOGAN: Well, find a distress call or something, right?
We've got to set up a flare.
We've got to beam a message to Thea.
Yeah, because that's exactly how it works.
Fuck's sake!
VENISHA: We have to stay calm.
They wouldn't just let us drift.
She's right.
I mean, we're still going to make it to Thea,
aren't we?
Max Taylor, you're going to be okay.
We're going to get you out.
What are you doing? Help me.
Someone put him down. We should find out why.
He could be dangerous.
Dangerous? Look at him.
Who shot you?
Who shot you?
Shun, stop!
I know we're all strangers in the heart of fucking darkness here.
But are you really going to interrogate a man who can't walk?
REY: Taylor, the man in Cell 50, there's something wrong with him.
You can't let him out.
What are you talking about?
[GRUNTING] The ship was hit.
Something came on board, it started killing the passengers.
What do you mean, "something came on board"?
And whatever it is, it can get inside.
Inside what?
Inside us.
Stay with us. [GRUNTS]
Get away from him!
He tried to kill the woman outside!
That's not what happened.
Get back, Lana.
No, please.
SHUN: Lana, now.
You have to believe me.
Get to the door.
You can't do this.
Don't move.
[PANTING] What the hell is going on?
All this glass...
The house is a fucking nightmare to protect.
MIKE: [ON EARPIECE] Tell me about it.
You want a coffee?
No, I'm good.
MIKE: All right. I'll be on the monitors.
Make sure to give me your best angle.
You know, you, uh, shouldn't leave a fire unattended.
I'm sorry.
Only thing that gets me through the late nights.
Can I get you one?
Uh, not while I'm on duty.
Play some jazz.
You're very rigid.
I'm guessing you know why I have my own detail.
Ruby was with me when the attack happened.
I wasn't scared for myself.
But I was petrified for her.
That's what it's meant to feel like, right?
Being a parent.
You have kids?
Everybody says it's the best feeling in the world.
But it's also the worst.
Because if anything happens,
it's your fault.
It'll calm down.
Once the bill's passed,
they won't have as much to rage against.
If the bill's passed.
Lot of folks in the Senate don't want that Wall coming down.
A lot of them do.
They don't have my roots.
So they don't get the same hate.
I've lived here as long as I can remember.
And some people will always see me as an immigrant.
Some people are assholes.
Cheers to that.
No, it's me.
Just checking in.
You, uh, like old movies?
And paper books.
Dad says I was born in the wrong era.
What are you reading?
It's my favorite.
About a girl who enters a tournament where kids have to kill each other.
She's super-kickass.
Do you have a gun?
Can I have a gun?
I don't think your dad would be too happy about that.
He makes me practice every night.
If anything bad happens and he's not here,
I have to hide in my wardrobe.
The girl in my book wouldn't hide in a wardrobe.
You want to read to me?
Dad never has time.
I'm not great at reading.
I could read to you?
Just for a bit?
"I want to die as myself.
Does that make any sense?
I don't want them to change me in there.
Turn me into some kind of monster that I'm not."
AUTOMATED VOICE: Access granted.
ERIC: What is it?
You sure you want to know?
Just talk.
The comms systems linking us to Thea have been destroyed.
Every one of them.
There's no way to tell them we're here?
What part of "destroyed" didn't you register?
Oh, my God.
That doesn't mean they won't come back for us.
BAUM: To a ship they thought worthy of evacuating?
I'm sure they'll be rushing to our rescue.
So, what? What are we supposed to do?
Just hope someone remembers we've all been left behind?
LEE: I can try to figure out whether the ship can make it
to Thea without manual assistance.
[VOICE ECHOING] If you will all just fuck off for a while.
Screw this!
I'm out.
Where are you going?
You heard what the cyber-geek said, huh?
We've been abandoned on this fucking ship!
We shouldn't be splitting up!
We promised the others we'd wait.
SIREN promised me I was going to wake up in a fucking paradise.
World's full of surprises, huh?
Logan. Logan, wait! Please!
Logan, you shouldn't go alone.
And yet...
REY: [STAMMERING] There was a rupture down here.
The ship's defense systems plugged the gaps, so we thought we were...
We thought we were in the clear
until the passengers, they started dying.
Taylor, he said there was something inside his head.
He told me to leave him in there.
I think that whatever killed those people, it made him attack me.
We should just torch that fucking cell.
No, I need to see him.
HENRI: We should treat this.
REY: I need to see him.
Listen, I need to see him. I need to see Taylor, please.
[EXHALES HEAVILY] What the hell are you two doing here?
We thought there'd be strength in numbers.
The bullshit shell just goes layers deep with you, huh?
We've already lost someone.
Ship isn't safe.
[SCOFFS] Right. And you two are going to protect me?
Is that it?
Just run back to the chicken coop.
KATIE: Well, we found water.
LOGAN: Yeah, we did.
Oh, my God.
It's still damp.
KATIE: What could've scared them so much they'd leave all this behind?
Where's Logan?
Taylor, can you hear me?
It's me, it's Rey.
Why did you do this to me?
You're the one that shot me!
Taylor... [STAMMERS] You stop it!
Don't trust anything she says.
REY: Taylor, stop it now!
TAYLOR: She's dangerous.
TAYLOR: Don't trust anything she says.
REY: What?
She's dangerous.
What happened to you?
TAYLOR: You shot me.
REY: What happened?
If we don't deal with this, you're going to die.
There's a medical center back on the crew deck.
What about him?
He needs treatment, too.
You heard what she said.
We can't let him out until we know what's going on.
What if she's wrong?
You have to believe me.
What if she's the one that's lying?
Why the hell would I make this up?
He said you shot him.
I spent two years on this ship with him.
That's not the man I knew.
TAYLOR: She's lying! Don't trust her!
Lana, please.
TAYLOR: She shot me!
RUBY: Okay, my turn.
LANA: Okay, try...
OMAR: Oh, careful, Ruby.
RUBY: Okay.
We shouldn't be here.
We're walking targets.
[ON EARPIECE] Come on, Mike.
There's no one for miles around.
She's been locked indoors for nearly three months.
Is he okay?
Mike's just cautious.
Thanks for suggesting a day out.
I used to beg my dad to take me to the sea.
Just the sound of it, you know.
I was going to go with "noisy and wet," but "meditative" is good.
I guess a military life doesn't afford much downtime.
No, it does not.
I saw in your file that you've been injured.
It was a hostage situation.
Did you...
Did they get them out?
Not them.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Dad, can I paddle?
Uh, there might be rocks, sweetheart, I don't want you cutting yourself.
Please! Lana can come with me.
I can go with her.
All right, but you got to stay close to Lana, okay?
They're our clients, Lana.
I got it.
[SOFTLY] Don't get personally involved.
That's an accident waiting to happen.
I know how to do the job, Mike.
You sure about that?
You think I haven't seen the way you jump at every noise?
Stop watching me.
KATIE: Jesus!
Are you okay?
Look, let's just leave Logan.
This place is a maze.
The gun.
Let me see your gun.
Three empty shells.
Three bullet wounds.
She shot him.
[PANTING] What if he dies?
I fucked up.
HENRI: Evelyn, please.
Just try to stay calm.
If you knew, you wouldn't help me.
HENRI: What?
The code to the medical center.
And it's Rey. No one calls me "Evelyn."
ABIGAIL: Oh... Oh, oh.
Quick. Quick.
Rey! Rey!
VENISHA: The crew.
Should we at least check?
In case someone stayed behind.
The captain's quarters.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Access denied.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Access granted.
someone's still here.
Oh, my God!
This is an invasion of privacy.
How did you get in here?
I found this in the Control Room.
I thought it might lead somewhere interesting.
And you just decided to use this guy's shower.
My hair was dirty.
You are such a creep.
Where's Logan? I thought we were trying to find him.
VENISHA: You haven't seen him?
...since we reached the end of our journey through interstellar space.
Who's that?
Been getting some nausea...
Must be the guy whose room this is.
But Dr. Taylor says it's normal.
That's an old entry.
He's given me some pills...
I always felt like Thea was the real adventure.
But being here, living with these guys,
imagining the future you're all going to create,
it bonds you.
In ways I never...
What the hell?
MAN: [ON PA] All Navigation Officers to the Control Room.
Attention. All Navigation Officers to the Control Room.
LANA: Why did she do it?
When she saw what was happening, she started to panic.
She wanted to seal the door.
With all of us inside.
I tried to stop her.
Did you hurt her?
I had to defend myself.
You don't know what it was like.
The screams.
The smell of blood.
Everyone was dying and we didn't even know why.
When she shot me, I just...
I lost control.
You should be in bed.
Can we read?
Not right now.
Why are you being weird?
Is it because of Mike?
Have you been eavesdropping?
I'm ten. I'm not stupid.
Mike likes you.
He doesn't like that Dad likes you, too.
You're a little smart-ass, you know that?
Do you like Dad back?
Look, you and your dad are important
and I just want to make sure I keep you both safe.
The more you care about something, the more you look after it, right?
OMAR: Ruby.
Are you bothering Lana?
I'm not bothering her, Dad.
Yeah, you're right.
Night, Dad.
I'll be downstairs.
LANA: Hey.
You wanna have that drink?
TAYLOR: I don't blame you
if you think I'm a monster,
but, I swear,
it's the worst thing I've ever done.
We're taking him to the medical center.
Didn't you hear what he just said?
That woman could die because of him.
And he could die because of her.
Two people, two stories.
We treat them like equals until we can give them a fair trial.
You don't just get to make decisions that affect all of us.
But you do?
Lana, we don't know what killed these people.
If there is some kind of infection,
we put everyone at risk by letting him out.
And if he dies because we kept him here?
Can you carry that?
Me neither.
It's Lee, isn't it?
Can I help at all?
Do you know how to bypass the defenses around an AI's data log?
Well, I could give it a go.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Manual override requested. Access granted.
What is all that?
That's us.
Our journey.
Stay out of the projection field, dipshit!
What's "EDTD"?
"Earth Days To Destination."
We're nine days from Thea.
Nine days?
Are we going to make it?
We're on-course.
All major systems seem to be running effectively.
The ship should be able to navigate an automatic landing procedure.
I think...
Yeah... [CHUCKLES] we're going to get there.
ERIC: Oh. Uh...
Your nose.
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
I get nose bleeds, it's a medical condition.
Did you call me a "dipshit"?
What's your name?
Stay out of the projection field, Eric.
Yes! Yes.
Come on.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Access denied.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Code required.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Access denied.
Fucking open!
AUTOMATED VOICE: Code required.
Who the hell is that?
We need to get her to the medical center.
Have you seen it?
What happened to her?
Where's the fucking medical center?
It's back here.
Can everyone just stop hurling themselves around corners?
We heard yelling.
Where have you been?
You look like shit.
Is she going to be okay?
VENISHA: Can we help?
Please, give us space.
Why is your fucking hair wet?
Thank you.
OMAR: Thought I'd break out the good stuff.
That photo's not a hot coal, you know.
Sorry, I, um, didn't want to overstep.
I'd be okay with that.
You know I'm only here for another week, right?
In a security capacity, yeah.
Is there another capacity?
Well, I wouldn't want to see you go.
Neither would Ruby.
You don't know me. Not really.
Maybe not.
But you're already closer to Ruby than anyone.
You're amazing with her.
I've been
so scared of her getting hurt.
I don't just mean the attack.
Ever since her mother died,
I've been keeping her at arm's length.
Until you.
For the first time in five years,
it's actually felt like...
Lana, where the hell are you?
Lana, do you copy?
LANA: Shit!
OMAR: What's going on?
Stay behind me.
Let's get him out of here!
No! Ruby is upstairs!
We have to get you to safety.
I'm not leaving her!
I'll find her.
I'm not leaving her!
Omar, I'll find her.
We've got to go, we've got to move.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] She's burning up, Henri.
She needs drugs. Morphine, ketamine.
Got it.
Abigail, gloves. I'll need your help.
KATIE: Oh, I hate hospitals.
VENISHA: Really?
I find them oddly comforting.
[MUFFLED] It doesn't matter who you are or what's happened to you.
Here, every life is worth saving.
I'm just going to find a toilet.
We're going to have to take the shrapnel out.
The second I pull, you pour this on, understood?
Oh, there's too much blood.
Apply pressure.
Okay, I need to close her up.
Shit. Shit.
Listen, I can try if you want.
[EXHALES] I can do this.
I can hardly feel his pulse.
Shit. It hit an artery.
Why didn't you say something?
[WEAKLY] I didn't know.
Okay, we need to move, now.
Can you feel the bleeding?
How do we treat this when we get to the medical center?
I want him to answer me!
How the hell am I supposed to know?
I've never been shot before.
You're a medic.
Aren't you?
What the hell are you doing?
Who are you?
Max Taylor.
Come on! Hey!
What are you doing?
Just leave! Just leave me alone!
Just get out of here, okay?
I knew it!
We might need those to save someone's life
and you're going to waste them on a kick?
No, no.
Not now. No!
What's going on?
Oh, my God.
What? Oh, my God, somebody help!
Logan, no.
Logan. Logan.
You don't have to do this.
We can help you.
Drop the gun or I kill him.
Shoot him, Lana.
I can't.
Please, don't make me do this.
Just shoot him.
He's crazy.
I can't!
You're not a doctor, are you?
I never said I was.
I'm sorry.
I just couldn't.
He would've killed me.
I know.
I'm not a killer.
I'm not a killer.
But if you can't do what it takes to keep us alive,
then next time, someone will be dead because of you.
Where? Where am I?
Where am I?
The medical center.
Don't worry. You're safe.
You're epileptic.
You don't say a thing, all right?
I'll tell the others you fainted.
Everyone has secrets, right?
I'm Katie, by the way.
If whatever killed those passengers made him like this,
do you think we could've caught it?
I don't know.
The crew sealed the door.
We were the ones that let him out.
Everyone inside this cell is dead.
So maybe...
Maybe it died with them.
Wait! What are you doing?
We need to count them.
The dead passengers.
LANA: Five on my side.
Only four on mine.
It was ten to a cell.
Someone got out.
We're all strangers here.
How are any one of us supposed to prove that we're not infected?
LANA: Rey...
She knows who came out of that cell.
wish you a safe journey at the light speed.
LANA: If the person who escaped really is among us,
she can identify them.
There was something in his eye.
I think it was alive.
They both came out of Cell 50.
You think it's still here, don't you?
You think it's infected someone else.
One of us.
AYKO: SIREN is building a colony based on anonymity.
You can escape there.
I can't go to another planet.
You don't have a choice.
LANA: The idea of making this some kind of test,
isn't it going to pit us all against each other?
MAN: We ask all our applicants to tell us everything.
Only with full disclosure, can we provide a blank slate.
AYKO: I'll give you something.
AYKO: Something that'll make you a god on Thea.
You're supposed to trust me.
LOGAN: I did trust you.
How could you? How could you do this?
How are we supposed to choose who gets to live?
Why is this ship trying to kill us?
There has to be a way.
You need to find a way!


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