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  • -The Origin official trailer starts now.

  • [♪♪]

  • -I know you're trapped.

  • There's a way out.

  • -What if you could go somewhere so far from all of this

  • you barely remember you're a part of it?

  • -Thea is the only planet we've discovered thus far

  • that can sustain human life.

  • -It's not just another world...

  • it's a blank slate.

  • -We at Siren are currently in the process of its colonization.

  • I can't go to another planet!

  • -You don't have a choice.

  • -When you depart Earth for Thea

  • we'll erase your past completely.

  • -Don't worry, everyone has secrets.

  • -This is a new world.

  • A world without judgment. A world where your history

  • no longer has any relevance.

  • -Where the hell are we?

  • They said we'd open our eyes there.

  • -The crew, we are the passengers.

  • They left without us.

  • -What could have scared them so much

  • they'd leave all this behind?

  • Hello?

  • [gasping]

  • Something came on board.

  • It started killing the passengers.

  • [screaming]

  • This ship. The fear. Makes it impossible to trust anyone.

  • -It's every man for himself now.

  • [demonic roar]

  • [♪♪]

  • [demonic roar]

  • [♪♪]

  • -Thanks for watching the official trailer for the

  • YouTube Originals series: Origin.

  • To be on of the first to watch the whole season on

  • November 14th, subscribe to YouTube Premium

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-The Origin official trailer starts now.


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B1 中級 英國腔

由湯姆-費爾頓和娜塔莉亞-特納主演的《起源》官方預告片。 (Origin Official Trailer featuring Tom Felton and Natalia Tena)

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