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hey everybody and welcome back to love English I'm Sabrah so today guys super
useful lesson we're looking at 20 conversational English phrases that will
really help you to be able to know what to say in which situation so for example
we're looking at phrases for meeting somebody for the first time phrases for
agreement for asking somebody how they are and just very typical conversation
phrases so hopefully they will help you to be more confident in English and also
to flow more with the English language once you have learnt these as fixed
phrases so are you ready to learn let's get started
I hope you guys are all doing well I'm going to have a try today at saying
hello in some of your languages now I might get the pronunciation wrong so
forgive me if I do but I'm going to give it a try
so Nihao for any Chinese people who are watching Salam for any Arabic people who
are watching ciao or hola or people from Italy Spain Portugal who are
watching and oh this one is a little bit more difficult
Ohio mas genki deska that's for anybody who's watching from Japan if you want me
to say hello in one of your languages guys then leave me a comment below and
in the next video I'll try and do that so number one how are you doing how are
you doing this is a phrase to say how are you how
are you doing it's more informal though and remember that the you will become a
ya so you can use this with colleagues family friends but not for example in an
interview or something like that so it's relaxed but it's not so relaxed it can
be used in many situations hey how you doing number two is I reckon I reckon I
reckon means I think it's a more informal way to say I think so for
example you might say hmm I reckon it will rain later
so you're guessing when you say I reckon you're thinking but there's also a
little bit of guess involved so you might say I reckon my favorite football
team are going to score tonight I reckon they'll score you can also ask the
question do you reckon do you reckon so remember lazy English conversation
connected speech will be D'ya reckon or Do you reckon? like that so I've got a question
for you guys what tea do you reckon I'm drinking English breakfast tea Earl Grey
green tea what do you reckon I'm drinking British people love their tea
what do you reckon I like number three number three is it doesn't matter it
doesn't matter it doesn't matter this isn't a problem for me it's not a
big deal for me it doesn't matter so for example if your friend calls you and
says sorry I can't make it I can't make our meeting today
I'm really sorry next time if it's not a big problem for you if you're not upset
you say oh it doesn't matter it's okay it doesn't matter
number four number four is how do you feel about how do you feel about and how
do you feel about means what's your feeling about this thing are you okay
with it so if your boss says to you how do you feel about working on this new
project they're checking if it's okay for you if you feel comfortable with
that it's also a polite way of British people saying I want you to do this
but I'm being nice about how I'm asking you but how do you feel about you might
say hmm how do you feel about joining the gym or how do you feel about pizza
tonight asking if the person is okay with that okay
next one guys very very common English verb do you fancy do you fancy so I've
talked about this before guys in my video on five useful British
expressions which you can see just up there I filmed that on the lovely
Bournemouth beach so it's beautiful views guys so I recommend if you've got
spare time at the end of this video go and watch that I fancy doing something
means I want to do that thing I feel like doing that thing so for example I
might say I fancy going for a swim tonight or I fancy eating Chinese
tonight or I fancy studying English tonight so I fancy doing something it's
always with the ing form so it's a gerund that it goes with now to fancy
someone is different guys that means to be romantically attracted to that person
so I think I've said before guys in other videos that I fancy Ryan Gosling I
have a crush on him so yeah what can you do number six is fine by me fine by me
this just means it's okay with me fine by me so for example if someone says
let's meet at 8 not 7 you can say okay fine by me
it's okay with me even more informal would be cool with me
cool with me so you can use that as well number seven is what do you mean what do
you mean very very useful if you're an English student to know this expression
what do you mean so it's but when you want something to be explained to you
what do you mean English people also ask it to each other we might say sorry I
didn't understand that what do you mean remember that you become as more of a
schwa sound so yeah what do you mean what do you mean number eight
again very short expression so I'm sure you can remember this one guys it is
will do will do and this just means I'm going to do this thing so yeah fine will
do so if your partner or boyfriend or girlfriend says remember you have to
call that person or remember you have to do this thing because okay will do will
do you can also say it to your boss if you have a good relationship with
colleagues you can say yep I'm gonna do that will do so if the lazier way of
saying that you're going to do that thing okay number nine number nine is
I'll be in touch I'll be in touch so I'll be in touch means I'm going to call
you I'm going to get in contact with you I'm going to whatsapp you or whatever
but I'm going to be in contact with you so at the end of an interview the person
might say to you will will speak to you soon we'll be in touch meaning we'll
tell you about the results soon but it's also a very informal phrase so imagine
you see a friend we bump into a friend so you meet them by accident in the
supermarket and you want to meet up you could say oh we must find a time to meet
I'll be in touch I'll be in touch now to lose touch guys means to not be in touch
anymore so you've lost touch you were in contact but now you're not but get back
in touch means return to being in touch after some time of not being in touch so
let's get back in touch means let's be in touch again guys number 10 we are
halfway there
it is that's really cheesy that's really cheesy and that's really to beat means
us so cliche so too much really really really like for example I would say
Justin Bieber's music it's cheesy so cheesy music is too much very pop song
perhaps very romantic and sometimes it's it's so much that you don't like it we
often describe movies as cheesy so very very romantic movies that feel a little
cliche or unrealistic can be described as cheesy so for example guys I went to
see the film Valentine's Day with my friend a couple of years ago and at the
end of the movie we were both like oh I want to be sick that is so cheesy that
is so cheesy what cheesy movies have you seen guys
tell me in the comments what music in your country is considered cheesy in the
UK I would say it's pop music on the whole some of it is considered cheesy
although it's more negative about movies cheesy music in the UK is considered
good to dance to but a cheesy movie is like too much
Oh cheesy
okay number 11 and 12 I'm going to do them at the same time
because they're very similar and they are I'm really tired of and I'm fed up
with so I'm really tired of means you've had enough of that thing you're really
tired of the traffic on the way to work I'm really tired of picking up my
boyfriend's socks from the floor he always leaves them on the floor to be fed up
with is very similar you've had enough of that situation you you feel
you've had enough I'm fed up I'm fed up with number 13 is a swear word so you
wouldn't use it in any formal situation it is to be pissed off to be pissed off
with something so pissed off means annoyed upset and quite angry really if
you're pissed off I'm so pissed off I got a parking ticket
I was only parked there for five minutes and then I got a parking ticket pissed
off you can also be pissed off with a person
usually that's that you're you're angry with them now an important thing to say
here is that in American English pissed off does not exist they just say pissed
I'm pissed about whatever but in British English pissed means to be drunk so
there is a clear difference there so I remember I lived with an American girl
when I was traveling and she said to me I'm really pissed about this
and I was like you seem quite sober and then I realized I mean she's pissed off
so there's a clear difference there okay guys the number fourteen great phrase
for when you bump into someone so when you meet somebody by accident it's the
second time we've had that phrasal verb so you meet somebody by accident you can
say what brings you here so you're not expecting to see them you can say what
brings you here so maybe you see them in a supermarket
that you don't expect to see them in or they come to your work unexpectedly or
you see them in a different part of town where they don't usually hang out you
can say well what brings you here strange to see you but it's also that
you're pleased it's not rude it's it's a friendly expression what brings you here
what brings you here okay guys this is a lovely expression
but when you want to make a good impression on somebody when you first
meet them so if you're meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend's father or
mother or if you're meeting somebody that you want to make a good impression
on at work or something like this you can say oh nice to meet you and I've
heard so much about you I've heard so much about you so this is a nice way to
say that I've heard good things about you and I'm happy to meet you because
I've heard good things about you now British people will often joke and say
oh I hope it was all good I hope it was all good so it's a nice kind of easy way
to get to know somebody number 16 I was wondering about or I was wondering if
this means you're thinking about something for example I was wondering
about joining the gym or I was wondering about learning a new language
I was wondering about Italian I was wondering about learning
Japanese for example so I was wondering about so it's something you're thinking
about but perhaps there's a little bit more thought involved than when we just
say we're thinking so I was wondering about something number 17 we got this
phrase from China and it is long time no see
so you haven't seen someone for a while you could say hey good to see you
long time no see long time no see it doesn't work from the point of view of
correct grammar I'm sorry if you try and think about it in terms of correct
grammar it doesn't work but it's a very popular and common phrase these days
long time no see number 18 I'm going to explain the
difference between these two nice to meet you and nice meeting you nice to
meet you is when you first meet somebody you
shake their hand in England you shake the hand and you would say nice to meet
you but if we change this to nice meeting you that is at the end of the
conversation so when you're leaving you say oh nice meeting you good to meet you
nice meeting you so it's at the end of the conversation
basically it's it was nice meeting you so it's past continuous but we're lazy
and we've we've shortened that because it's spoken English and we just say nice
meeting you number 19 super useful phrase guys if you're an English student
and you want something to be repeated for you sorry I didn't catch that
sorry I didn't catch that so so useful you can also say sorry I didn't get that
could you say it again so really really useful sorry I didn't catch that number
20 guys we are we have arrived at the end it is have a good one
have a good one so have a good one means have a good time at something or enjoy
yourself at a particular thing when people leave the office on a Friday or
they leave school on a Friday or they say they're going somewhere you can say
ah have a good one see you guys have a good one it means have a good weekend
have a good evening have a good time at whatever you're
going to so have a good one very informal guys you were
say it to your boss but friends colleagues things like that you wouldn't really say
it to your grandparents either it's more family that are a similar age to you
have a good one okay guys well I hope you guys have a
good one hope you have a good week thank you so much for watching I really hope
this video was useful and that you're going to be able to use these phrases in
your everyday conversations don't forget to follow us on social media
we're on Facebook Instagram Twitter and snapchat where everywhere please do join
us on those networks guys guys also remember to leave me comments tell me
about your cheesy movies tell me about how to say hello in your languages also
guys try to use some of these in a sentence why not try and practice using
them in a sentence don't forget to subscribe to love English guys so that
you don't miss our lessons thanks a lot guys have a goood one! Bye


20個英文對話片語 (20 ENGLISH CONVERSATION phrases)

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