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  • It's the world's biggest shopping event day of the year.


  • It generates more than the online sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.


  • I'm talking about Singles' Day.


  • [What is Singles Day?]


  • Singles' Day is an annual 24-hour shopping event in China.

    「雙十一光棍節」是中國一年一度的 24 小時購物節。

  • It brings in billions of dollars in sales and uses celebrities to promote the countdown in the hours leading up to midnight.


  • It takes place on November 11th, a.k.a 11-11.

    日期是 11 月 11 號,也就是 11/11。

  • And it emerged as a day to celebrate, well, being single, hence all the "ones."


  • It first became a popular day for young people in China to buy something for themselves.


  • But now, it doesn't discriminate, with consumers from all age groups and relationship statuses getting in on the sales.


  • Singles' Day takes place across Alibaba's platforms and includes Taobao and Tmall.


  • In 2009, Alibaba Group's now-CEO Daniel Zhang launched what would eventually become the world's largest annual online and offline shopping event.

    2009 年,阿里巴巴集團的現任執行長張勇發起了現今世界上最大的線上和線下購物活動。

  • But Zhang didn't exactly think of Singles' Day himself though.


  • It's commonly believed that Singles' Day was actually started in 1993 at Nanjing University for students as a way to celebrate being single, and doing so, by buying gifts for themselves.

    大眾普遍認為,雙十一日其實是 1993 年由南京大學發起,讓學生們買禮物給自己慶祝單身的一種方式。

  • Fast forward from a university campus in the 90s to today, where in 2017, Alibaba generated a whopping $25 billion dollars from the 24-hour Singles' Day event.

    從 90 年代的大學校園快進至現今,阿里巴巴在 2017 年的雙十一活動中,創造了 250 億美元的巨大產值。

  • Meanwhile, Cyber Monday brought in $6.6 billion and Black Friday online sales were at $5 billion.

    相較之下,網絡星期一賺進 66 億,而黑色星期五的線上銷售額則是 50 億。

  • Just take a look at how the sales have grown since first launching back in 2009.

    來看看阿里巴巴在 2009 年首次推出活動後的產值成長。

  • Given China's massive population of nearly 1.4 billion people, and rising middle class that's increasingly using smartphones, it's helped catapult Alibaba's Singles' Day revenues from just about $8 million in 2009 to today's $25 billion.

    有鑒於中國將近 14 億的龐大人口數,以及有越來越多使用智慧型手機的中產階級,這幫助阿里巴巴在雙十一的產值從 2009 年僅有的 800 萬美金,晉升至今日的 250 億。

  • Let's break down the numbers of what happened in a single 24-hour period in 2017.

    我們來分析 2017 年在短短 24 小時內產生的數字。

  • Alipay, the payment platform of Alibaba, processed 1.48 billion payment transactions.

    阿里巴巴集團的支付平台——支付寶,處理了 148 億筆交易支付。

  • At its peak, it was handling 256,000 transactions per second.

    在巔峰時刻,每秒經手的交易高達 25.6 萬次。

  • Meanwhile, more than 775 million parcels were shipped from that day's orders.

    與此同時,有超過 7.75 億件當日交易的包裹正在寄送途中。

  • That's more than double the number of people in the U.S.


  • And to promote Singles' Day, it's less about advertisements and more about events.


  • It takes advantage of China's mobile-first market by hosting live streams events featuring celebrities, and puts on fashion shows and broadcasts them on numerous social media platforms as well as several Chinese TV networks.


  • It's even brought in celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Pharrell Williams as part of these events.


  • Alibaba now has more than 617 million monthly mobile users, but even though the national consumer frenzy on Singles' Day was originally started by Alibaba, other Chinese platforms like have joined the trend.

    阿里巴巴現在有超過 6.17 億名每月手機用戶,但就算一開始是由阿里巴巴發起這股使全國消費者在雙十一時瘋狂購物的熱潮,其他中國平台如京東,也加入了這個潮流。

  • is one of China's biggest e-commerce players, which competes with Alibaba.


  • It's also partially-owned by Tencent and joining the Singles' Day trend has paid off for


  • In 2017, the company reported more than $19 billion in sales in an 11-day period centered on Singles' Day.

    2017 年,京東在以光棍節為中心的 11 天期間,賺進超過 190 億美元的銷售額。

  • Alibaba now calls the annual event, a Global Shopping Festival, in an effort to expand it to consumers beyond China.


  • It's doing this by promoting it on Alibaba-backed Lazada, a Southeast Asian e-commerce platform, as well as promoting it on AliExpress, the platform that sells products to international online buyers.


  • Single or not, the event has become a popular and hyped-up day for Chinese consumers which has propelled its massive growth.


  • But whether Singles' Day can break out beyond China's borders, well, that remains to be seen.


  • Hey, guys, it's Uptin.

    大家好,我是 Uptin。

  • Thanks for watching.


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It's the world's biggest shopping event day of the year.



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