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and then just work like hell I mean you
just have to put in you know 80 hour 80 to

100 hour weeks every week and then all those things improve the
odds of success okay
I mean if other people are putting in 40

hour work weeks and you're putting in
100 hour work weeks then even if you're

doing the same thing you know that in in
one year you will achieve what they

achieve you will achieve in four months
what it takes them a year to achieve

I'd say a common trait of anybody that I
work with that is successful financial

athletes people in politics its hunger
you know you and I both know

intelligence is pretty damn valuable
tool but there are a lot of very smart

people who can't fight their way out of a
paper bag and then when you find

somebody has that hunger the hunger that
doesn't go away that hunger to be more

to do more to give more that hunger that
never ends you know that's how you get

these people that are the best in the
world at whatever they do and so if you

can I think everybody has that hunger but
for some people it's been asleep for a

long time because they're afraid they're
afraid that I'm gonna get hungry I'm

gonna try I'm gonna fail and so it's
human nature to protect yourself from

the fear by just lowering your
expectations but one of the things i've learned

is you get what you tolerate you get what
you tolerate yourself you get rich you

tolerate in your life and sooner or
later we sometimes hit a point we say

not another day another hour this is
done I'm not walking this way I'm not

talking this way I'm not living this way
I'm not gonna be in this relationship

anymore I'm gonna change it and when
people do that that's the beginning of a

help to create a different vision for

myself some of you are already doing it
right now

I'm saying this is the time more than
ever that you want to begin to inoculate

yourself with positive words coming to
conventions showing up on meetings being

on the calls to make
yourself unstoppable to get out of your

mind the polluting negative thoughts
that's causing most people to go through

life being stuck because their volunteer
victims somebody said that many people

died age 25 and don't get buried until
they're 65 because they got so much

garbage in their minds you are here
because you've got a clear vision of

what you want and where you're going
give yourselves a round of applause come

on bring energy level up
yes yes

you want more you want more
you're different you're different than
everybody else don't worry if they don't

get it don't try and convince people to
do this business a person convinced

against their will is of the same
opinion still you are not like everybody

else you can walk outside and find
pigeons but if you're looking for eagles

it's gonna take you a minute you are
different it's lonely at the top how

many of you know it's lonely at the top
raise your hands

it's lonely at the top but you eat
better that's what I'm talking about

the secret is is there's certain times
don't think like when you get up in the

morning don't think just roll out of bed
go on your lifecycle or go on a bicycle

ride or go to the gym work out you
know that's what you have to do and then

read something and learn something so
don't even think about it but there's

other times where you have to really
think and they really have to get

creative and have a clear vision of
where you want to go and what you want

to do and that's what I always had and
that's what I always believed and always

believed in making money so that then
you can do something with that you

invest it in all this eventually you create a family you give some of the kids and
all that stuff but also for charity look I have the Schwarzenegger institute at USC
we have to
raise money all the time that make money

to pay for that and
support that we have the R20 the environmental

organization or any organization and any
idea is great but if you don't have the

money you can't implement anything and so
this is why it is important that if it is

an environmental organization or if it
is my after-school programs to the

nationwide where we raise millions and
millions of dollars every year or if it

is just you know living in a great mansion or driving a nice Bentley
and the Bugatti you know this kind of
things it takes money to do all these kind

of stuff so therefore I believe in
making $1

into $2 and having a good time I mean
the reality is reading a book or going

to a conference or having a great
conversation where you get this golden

information that's all fantastic but
what makes mastery is execution on the

ideas not the ideas and so no idea works
unless you're willing to roll up your

sleeves do the practice invest the time
put in the effort do the work I think

we've all observed a lot of people who
they love reading the books they love

showing up at the courses they do all
the online training and nothing ever

changes and they say well you know I
don't know why it doesn't change why my

life doesn't change why my thinking
doesn't change why my performance

doesn't change why my relationships
don't change well it's because ideas

don't work if you don't execute on them
so if you look at the great business

builders you look at any great performer
one thing that makes them great is their

grit one thing that makes them great is
their hunger to practice one thing that

makes them great is they are willing to
sacrifice I mean yes they're passionate

but did you know the root of the word
passion is suffering you've got to be

willing to suffer for your vision you've
got to be willing to suffer to reach BIW

best in world you've got to be willing
to suffer the ridicule and laughter of

your critics and your cynics to get to a
place called world class the fifth one

is about mindset and the mindset shift
is to appreciation because the truth is

oftentimes everything what we're trying
to get get get we're focused on what we

don't have and if you can shift your
mindset simply from not focusing on what

I lack but what I have and shift it from
not focusing on the bottom of that

ladder or the stuff but to the
connection and the growth that is the

shift that will lead to the most lasting
happiness we have access to this at all

times of our life even in the annoying
moments when we're standing in line it's

20 minutes to get out of the food store
you can focus on the fact that you're 20

minutes late what you don't have is
time or you can focus on the fact that

you have food surrounding you from all
kinds of the world and you live

literally better than kings did 100
years ago because they couldn't get

grapes right they were on the other side
of the planet so depending on what you

compare yourself to if you're alive
today if you're watching YouTube if

you're on the internet you literally
live better then Kings did not very long

ago you are in the top 0.1%
of lucky people who have ever lived so

no matter what's going in your life I
know that there will be things to knock

you down things that suck reasons to be
unhappy or there's always a reason to

bounce back if you shift your focus to
what you have compared to what you don't

so I hope you find that helpful I hope
that you can focus on what you

appreciate and if you take one thing
from this right now write down or say

in your head one thing that is common to
your life that is little that maybe you

don't notice all the time that you
appreciate right now and I think that

that'll make you have a much better
day and you can keep it up that habit

will give you a much happier life
the easiest way to build self-confidence

there's no magic button I can't say this
plane is going down who can fly it put

your hand up I can I'm confident
repetition repetition repetition right
what does Malcolm Gladwell call it the

10,000 hour rule there's no magic button
I recruited a goalie from Columbia South

America one year a big tall six foot
three man you know he had hands like

stone I thought he was like flipper
every time I throw him the ball down

down onto the ground I was like oh my
god we're in trouble

simple solution get to the wall kick a
ball against the wall and catch it kick

the ball against the wall and catch it
his goal was 350 a day for eight months

he came back his hands were callused the
moisture on his hands were literally

gone he is now playing in Europe magic
no repetition repetition repetition the

problem is we expect to be
self-confident but we can't be unless

the skill or the task we're doing is not
novel is not new to us we want to be in

a situation where we've created we've
had so much pressure in that and what I

mean because pressure builds diamonds we
want to be in the situation where

I've done this a thousand times I did in
my speech I practice in front of the

mirror hey I'm sounding good and
then I read in front of my kids and my

and my wife is like oh my gosh I got a
little nervous then I get in front of

Glenn Cool oh my goodness I'm a little
more nervous by the time I get to the

ACG where 2,500 people can't say any
more right 2,500 people

where 2,500 people are there I won't
have a single ounce of nervousness

because of my ability to practice right
over and over and over again

the problem with repetition is how many
of us bail after the first bit of

failure how many of us bail after the first
bit of adversity Edison was on that

video and depends who you ask is
anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 tries to

build that lightbulb 1,000 to 10,000 JK
Rowling's should be on that video you

know how many publishers she took her Harry
Potter book to I believe the number was

12 or 13 I don't I'm pretty confident
but after two or three no's I'd be like

dang it after six or seven I'm like
maybe not definitely after nine or ten

I'd be looking to be a soccer coach or
something else beside it often right I

mean 12 times somebody said no but
practice practice practice and do not

accept failure maybe it shouldn't be
repetition maybe the answer should be

persistence because we all repeat
something but very few of us really will

persist so that's one way to build
self-confidence get out there do what

you want to do and do not
accept no




【讀書勵志】在沉默中努力,讓成功自己發聲 (Work Hard In Silence, Let Success Make The Noise - Study Motivation)

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