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  • I made it to New Orleans!

  • and I'm here with my friend Bethany

  • and we're really

  • excited to try all the food that New Orleans has to offer.

  • So let's eat!

  • First we headed to the Treme neighborhood

  • which is considered the oldest

  • african-american neighborhood.

  • We stopped for lunch at Dooky Chase's restaurant a

  • family owned restaurant that opened in 1941.

  • This historically significant

  • restaurant was the setting for many civil rights discussions including

  • meetings with Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Recent guests include Presidents Barack

  • Obama and George W Bush.

  • Bethany got the full lunch buffet.

  • How is it?

  • It's really good.

  • What did you get?

  • Got meatloaf, some green beans, just hot

  • sausage and some chicken and some cabbage.

  • And I ordered the gumbo.

  • Oh yeah it's good.

  • It has a little kick to it.

  • And we both had some peach cobbler.

  • For dinner we ate at Tableau

  • in the heart of the French Quarter.

  • This is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans and it's known for its beautiful

  • historic buildings.

  • We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner

  • and a cocktail with a great view of the French Quarter below.

  • Ooh it's strong!

  • It's the maiden voyage. It's good!

  • Bethany ordered the gulf shrimp remoulade

  • And I got the

  • crabmeat Ravigote.

  • This restaurant also has a nice patio area and dining rooms

  • for private parties.

  • Also in the French Quarter, is Acme Oyster House. This

  • restaurant was crowded with tourists and locals with a line out the door.

  • When we

  • got inside we realized it was worth all of the hype.

  • The char grilled oysters in

  • an herb butter sauce was definitely the best dish I've had in a while!

  • Bethany ordered some hush puppies and I had some seafood gumbo and jambalaya.

  • Another wait that is worth it is the line for beignets at Cafe Du Monde. This

  • is pretty much one of the most touristy things you can do in New Orleans but it

  • is still part of the classic NOLA experience.

  • You can sit inside, but I

  • would recommend heading nearby to Jackson Square to eat the sweet treat

  • while soaking in the view.

  • Bourbon Street is known for its nightlife. It is also the home to NOLA

  • po-boys which many go to for a late-night snack.

  • Po-boys are a traditional sandwich on French bread and a New Orleans staple.

  • Thanks so much for watching!

  • This is one of several videos that I filmed in New

  • Orleans during my trip

  • so be sure to check out that playlist and please

  • subscribe for more travel videos!

I made it to New Orleans!


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新奧爾良美食指南--新奧爾良最好的餐廳。 (New Orleans Food Guide- Best Restaurants in New Orleans)

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