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  • Hey there, everyone! This is Jessica from Today, I'm finally

  • sharing my New Orleans vlog. As some of you know, I went to New Orleans a couple

  • of weeks ago for a quick weekend trip and I'm really excited to share what I

  • saw, what I did and mostly what I ate during my time there. So if you like to see

  • a little bit of My New Orleans then let's get started!

  • I'm fortunate enough to be married to a New Orleanian so I get to travel to New

  • Orleans a few times a year and this was a quick weekend getaway for me

  • My first stop was to a vegan restaurant called Seed. I learned about it from a

  • fellow YouTube NextUp er - Jasmine Rose

  • She's a gorgeous beauty vlogger and she happens to be vegan. She fell in love

  • with this restaurant during her trip this summer and so I knew I had to try it.

  • The first thing we ate were there nachos which had cashew cheese and cashew

  • sour cream.

  • It's so good that even my meat eating husband loved it. I had the

  • raw Pad Thai as my entrée. It had carrots and cucumber noodles and was a perfect

  • summer dish.

  • My husband had the pan fried eggplant po-boy with a side of kale. It was all very

  • flavorful and really delicious. I'd recommend it to anyone

  • We also ate at what is probably my favorite restaurant in all of New

  • Orleans Baru. Baru is a wonderful Latin and Caribbean restaurant on

  • Magazine Street.

  • My favorite dish there is the Guacabello. It's avocado and mushroom on large

  • tortilla chips. We also had their black bean and kale empanadas as well as the

  • Louisiana Camarones al Ajillo. We tend to stick to their tapas but they also have

  • delicious entrées.

  • No trip is complete without a visit to the French Quarter. I love heading there

  • to shop, eat, people watch and just walk around.

  • The city is full of photoshoot potential which is why I always shoot an outfit of

  • the day post while i'm there.

  • Here are some behind-the-scenes footage of an outfit shoot that I had in The

  • Quarters. You can see this look and Catalina's outfit of the day post on

  • I'll link to both posts in the description box below.

  • Speaking of shopping. I always go to one of my absolute favorite New Orleans stores.

  • It's called Lucy Rose on Magazine. One side of this store has clothes and

  • accessories and the other side has all their home goods. I always pick up at

  • least 1 decor piece before I come home.

  • It's a tradition of ours to go to at least one John Besh restaurant in every

  • visit. This restaurant is called Luke on St. Charles Avenue. Here we are enjoying

  • their shrimp etouffee, roasted vegetables, jalapeno grits, crab omelet and fried

  • chicken.

  • New Orleans is the perfect place to go antique shoppin. We always regret that

  • we can't actually bring any of the pieces home with us. One of our favorite places

  • to window-shop is Discoveries on Magazine. They sell amazing refurbished

  • or upscaled pieces with really unique and fun twists.

  • Thank you so much for watching my New Orleans vlog. Please let me know if you

  • have any questions or want any recommendations for your new orleans

  • trip or feel free just to ask any questions. Make any requests. You guys know

  • that I always love to hear from you guys. Give this video a thumbs up and share if

  • you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe if you're not subscribed

  • already. Thanks again for watching and stay tuned.

  • yeah

Hey there, everyone! This is Jessica from Today, I'm finally


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