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  • (saxophone music)

  • - Right now were just walking down Bourbon Street,

  • the famous Bourbon Street.

  • It's so cool, everything is neon.

  • You can totally feel the vibe.

  • - You go to New Orleans, and you miss out on

  • going to see some jazz, and you're missing New Orleans.

  • - Right now, we're going to duck in the musical legends park

  • for a little bit of live jazz.

  • - And ah, we play seven nights a week.

  • We start at six o'clock, every night.

  • And we play until midnight.

  • (jazz music)

  • The music, the food, the people,

  • are the essence of New Orleans.

  • - I'm headed to the VIP section.

  • The best part is that we get to try

  • some hot beignets, these are basically donuts

  • with copious amounts of powdered sugar.

  • - It really makes you enjoy and appreciate New Orleans.

  • Not just the experience itself, but to hear the music.

  • It's beautiful.

  • - One of the things that influence jazz

  • and influence Bourbon Street is Storyville.

  • Story was the only area of

  • legalized prostitution in America.

  • - I've actually been very pleasantly surprised

  • to learn about the hidden sanctuaries here.

  • You'll find live jazz.

  • It's been such a treat.

  • (piano jazz music)

(saxophone music)


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B1 中級 美國腔

美國新奧爾良的波旁街 (Bourbon Street in New Orleans, USA)

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