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  • Free Tours by Foot offers a different take on food tours - these name your own price

  • tours let you decide what and how much you want to try.

  • Our French Quarter tour is heavy on history to leave you with a true understanding of

  • Louisiana and New Orleans culture through the lens of cooking ... and eating.

  • When the tour is finished you'll be able to explain the difference between Creole and

  • Cajun cooking, know first hand how beignets are made, where po'boys got their name, and

  • the correct way to pronounce pralines ... or is it pray-lean?

  • The tour starts at the famous French Quarter market where you can arrive early to explore

  • and sample everything from alligator jerky to New Orleans sweet treat, snowballs.

  • Follow the guide through New Orleans culinary history and sites, with a chance to try some

  • sugar and spice, and stop in Landry's for some dirty cajun rice.

  • The tour ends with a chance to go inside New Orleans oldest restaurant, Antoine's where

  • the guide will explain tasting options if you decide to stay.

  • It's amazing to see how much of New Orleans cooking can be traced through its French (and

  • did you know, German?) beginnings.

  • The French Quarter Food Tour is a unique way to visit New Orleans and make sure you have

  • all the best restaurant and cafe recommendations for the rest of your stay.

  • Be sure to make your reservations for this popular tour on our website at,

  • where you can learn more about our different tour options around the city, as well as throughout

  • the US and Europe.

  • Subscribe here to live vicariously through our other food tours around the world and

  • make a bucket list for what you want to sample next time you visit us.

Free Tours by Foot offers a different take on food tours - these name your own price


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新奧爾良法國區美食之旅|免費徒步旅行 (New Orleans French Quarter Food Tour | Free Tours by Foot)

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