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  • There are more than 60,000 7-Elevens across the planet.

    全球有超過 6 萬家 7-11。

  • But there is one country where the convenience store chain flopped.


  • Indonesia.


  • In 2017, the chain of mini markets closed all of its stores there.

    2017 年時,7-11 關閉了所有印尼的分店。

  • Here's why 7-Eleven failed in Indonesia.

    以下是 7-11 在印尼難以生存的原因。

  • Let's go back to 2009 when 7-Eleven got its start in the country.

    時間回溯到 2009 年,7-11 剛進軍印尼。

  • 7-Eleven's Indonesian rollout was run by a local operator, PT Modern Internasional.

    7-11 在印尼的首次亮相,是由當地企業,PT Modern Internasional 所負責。

  • Contrary to its American counterpart that capitalized on to-go items and late night munchies, 7-Eleven in Indonesia became a trendy hangout spot for locals.

    不同於以外帶及宵夜獲益的美國分店,印尼的 7-11 變成當地人聚會聊天的流行集散地。

  • It offered traditional 7-Eleven items like slurpees and snacks, but also fresh local food and alcohol.

    它不僅提供傳統 7-11 的商品,像是思樂冰和零食,同時也販售新鮮的當地食品、酒精飲料。

  • 7-Eleven was very popular with university students, really the 18 to 25 age range.

    7-11 很受大學生歡迎,年齡層分布從 18 到 25 歲不等。

  • It was a place for them to hang out at all hours of the day, all hours of the night.

    7-11 是他們度過白天、夜晚的地方。

  • Before the alcohol ban that was imposed in 2015, this was a very popular spot to hang out, have a beer after class or after work, have free Wi-Fi, have a bite to eat.

    2015 年禁酒令實施之前,7-11 是人群聚集的熱門場所,下課或下班後來喝一杯、免費 Wi-Fi、吃個東西。

  • As the business took off, Modern soon started to expand within the capital, Jakarta.

    商機開始起飛後,Modern 公司迅速在首都雅加達擴展 7-11 分店。

  • It opened its 21st store by 2010 and it hit 100 locations in 2012.

    2010 年前便開了 21 家分店,2012 年時,甚至達到 100 家。

  • In 2014, the company hit peak sales of around 78 million with 190 stores.

    時間來到 2014 年,公司靠著 190 家分店,達到最高銷售額,約 7800 萬。

  • The future of 7-Eleven in Indonesia seemed promising.

    印尼的 7-11 看似前程似錦。

  • The stores remained crowded, but there was one problem.


  • People weren't spending money.


  • Well actually, there are some comment that yes, there is a huge crowd in 7-Eleven, but they might just buy one drink, one friend and sit for three hours.

    確實有些人指出,固然 7-11 人潮眾多,但他們可能只買一杯飲料,然後和朋友兩人在店裡坐了三個小時。

  • The company also attributed its lack of sales to intense competition from existing and new competitors.


  • By 2016, the number of retail outlets in Indonesia had grown from 12,000 to 40,000 in just under a decade.

    2016 年之際,短短十年間,印尼零售商店的數量從 1.2 萬家,成長到 4 萬家。

  • With mini markets being the sector's fastest growing segment Two of 7-Eleven's biggest competitors were Indonesian convenience stores Indomaret and Alphamart.

    作為成長速率最快的便利商店市場 (印尼稱便利商店為 mini market) 7-11 最大的競爭者,是兩家印尼便利商店:Indomaret、Alphamart。

  • Both chains have a long history in the country and are top players in Indonesia's convenience store market.


  • 7-Eleven had 190 stores in the country but its competitors store count absolutely squashed that.

    縱使 7-11 在國內有 190 家分店,然而其對手的分店數量,絕對佔壓倒性的勝利。

  • As of 2017, there were more than 10,000 Alfamarts and roughly 15,000 Indomarets in Indonesia, giving Alfamart a 38% share of the market and Indomaret 47%.

    以 2017 年來看,全國有 1 萬家 Alfamart,以及大約 1.5 萬家 Indomaret,Alfamart 的市場佔有率是 38%,而 Indomaret 是 47%。

  • That was the year 7-Eleven closed all of its shops.

    而這剛好是 7-11 關閉所有分店的一年。

  • But before that, it held just 0.7% of the market.

    但在此之前,7-11 的佔有率僅有 0.7%。

  • Regulatory issues also posed a major problem for 7-Eleven.

    管理問題也是造成 7-11 營運困難的的主要問題之一。

  • In 2015, Indonesia banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in convenience stores and mini markets.

    2015 年時,政府禁止便利商店販售酒精飲料。

  • After the alcohol ban took effect, 7-Eleven's net sales dropped by nearly 24% over the next year.

    禁酒令生效後,7-11 在隔年的銷貨淨額掉了近 24%。

  • Unlike 7-Eleven, its rivals Indomaret and Alfamart actually reported revenue gains that year.

    與 7-11 相反,其對手 Indomaret 和 Alfamart 當年的收益不減反增。

  • Alfamart and Indomaret were able to withstand the ban because they offered a wider range of products and services.

    Alfamart 與 Indomaret 之所以能禁得起禁酒令的考驗,是因為它們提供更多產品與服務選擇。

  • 7-Eleven's geographic reach posed another big problem.

    7-11 地理上的觸及率也是另一個嚴重的問題。

  • The convenience store chain never managed to expand beyond Jakarta and its surrounding cities, but its rivals did.

    不像它的競爭對手,7-11 從沒觸及雅加達以外的地區和周邊城市。

  • They are located in Jakarta whereas other mini markets can expand outside of Jakarta.

    7-11 全部分店都聚集在雅加達,但其他便利商店有擴展至其他地區。

  • One is, I think, the regulations for foreign ownership of or foreign franchise of convenience stores.


  • Because Indomaret and Alfamart, Alfamart and Indomaret are basically local brands.

    因為 Indomaret 和 Alfamart... Alfamart 和 Indomaret 基本上是本土品牌。

  • So they have less restriction in terms of expansion to other citizen regions.


  • Modern also cited Indonesia's economic slowdown is a reason for its diminishing revenue.

    Modern 公司也指出,印尼經濟成長速度減緩,也是收益遞減的原因之一。

  • The chain closed down 25 underperforming stores in 2016, to cut down operation losses, and Modern closed the remainder of its 7-Eleven stores in 2017.

    2016 年,25 家營運表現不佳的連鎖店也紛紛關閉,以減少營業損失,Modern 公司在 2017 年時,把剩餘的分店也關閉了。

  • However, a spokesperson from 7-Eleven said Indonesia is an important country for us.

    然而,7-11 的發言人表示,印尼對公司來說很重要。

  • This is not the end for 7-Eleven's business.

    這不是 7-11 在印尼的終點。

  • The company is hoping to find a new partner to renew its efforts and it has good reason to believe the right international partner will make all the difference.


  • Take Japan.


  • 7-Eleven entered the country in 1974.

    7-11 於 1974 年進軍日本後。

  • They partnered with Japanese chain Ito Yokado, forming York Seven Co. to operate its stores.

    和日本連鎖店伊藤洋華堂合夥,成立 York Seven 公司來管理旗下商店。

  • It was so successful that in 2005, it bought out the company.

    事業如此成功,以至於在 2005 年時,這家公司買下了 7-11。

  • Seven and i Holdings became the global owner of the American chain.

    7&I 控股變成美國 7-11 公司的持有者。

  • Today there are more than 20,000 7-Elevens in Japan.

    如今,日本有超過 2 萬家 7-11 的分店。

  • The US has less than 9,000.

    在美國則少於 9 千家。

  • So seeking a new international partner may be the key to its success.


  • Indonesian consumers will just have to wait and see.


There are more than 60,000 7-Elevens across the planet.

全球有超過 6 萬家 7-11。

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