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Dan! Dan!! We have fan mail!!
What is it?
Please! dont be rabies!
Dan and Jason: AaRRGGHHH!
is... is he alive?
Hello people of China!
Dan and Jason: arrgh!
Err this is china right? I’m supposed to have been sent to china
Oh sorry, I’m speaking English... (Speaks in chinese)
No you idiot we speak English! Who are you?
well that’s a little rude. Whenever I meet another English person they’re always extremely rude
Would you like to win a weekend trip for 2 to Hawaii?
Well I’d love to stay and chat with you fine creatures of the dinner plate but I have to skedaddle
whoa, whoa, wait! Where are you going!?
and how do you have hair!?
I told you, I’m supposed to be in China!
And how do you plan to get there?
Same way I got here
go to the airport
empty someone else’s box
jump in it, and hope for the best!
You people make me sick...
why are you trying to get to china?
well there’s a man there that can supposedly make cheese appear out of thin air!
And err I wanna see it, so... cya!
I can do that
You can?
Look left, back at me, there’s now cheese
hmmm... the plate too, that’s impressive
Right okay, well it looks like I’m staying a while then
Oh sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet I’m Charlie, I’m a video logger from the World Wide Web
And I’m travelling the globe looking for impressive stuff to appear on my videos
Dan and Jason: Ooooooh
that’s like, cool!
and with you here, it looks like I don’t have to go to chin
If you’re in need of new clothes then “Clothing Markets” is for you! Click here for a free trial!
Sorry about that, the people at Google planted a chip in my head that causes me to constantly advertise things
Yes my minions, you are just the first step towards world domination! Muhahaha!
Hello? hello?
Hello oh yes sorry as I was saying
with you here, I don’t have to go to china, because you can make cheese out of thin air!
Hmm... What does this taste like?
hmmm... not bad. It tastes a bit like...
Oh my god you killed a famous video logger!!
I killed him!? No No No
it’s okay, it’s okay!! It was an accident!
Yeah an accident! I didn’t do anything, he just walked in here and died, Just like that!
Here, help me push him off the edge
Yeah! an accident!
There, he’s not our problem now...
Did that really just happen?
Did what just happen?
Did WHAT just happen?
THA-oooh I get it Shhh....
(voices) You just killed someone!
(voices) mhmm i want some cake!
(voices) People will hate you!
(voices) Did someone say cake?
(voices) Killer!
(voices) I could really go for some cake right now!
(voices) Murderer!
It’s not real.... It’s not real
I try to avoid looking at my youtube statistics because i can get quite bogged down in you know
number of subscribers you count that kinda thing, but i feel need to make an exception to that rule today
because im about to hit a million subscribers
Well that’s not very nice is it? after all we’ve been through?
Copyright © Element Animation 2011


蛋蛋歷險記- 奇怪的訪客 The Crack! - The Visitor (feat. Charlieissocoollike)

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