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Hey hello hello helloooooo
I am so excited to be here with you. Go natural English learners
I'm gabby your English teacher here at go natural
Now I want to do a tech check to make sure that you can hear me and [see]
me Before I
Say any more before I start talking about today's lesson
Which is two
very important things that you need to do more of in order to
Improve your fluency in English hello a smile. How are you? Thank you for your comments? if can you hear me please type yes
"Y"E"S" in the comments if you can hear me, Hi Musa nice to see you I just want to check if my mic is working
and if you can hear me, okay before we continue
So please tell me in the comments. "Yes", if you can hear me. Hey louise. Hey smile
Thank you so much for your comments musa. Thank you. You are the first person to say yes, mohammed
You're the second person to say yes. Thank you so much. I'm so happy that you can hear me louise
Thank you, okay, wonderful, so we can continue
So I hope that you like my background today
I am in New York City
And I wanted to show you all the beautiful tall buildings in this big
Amazing city in New York City so today in our lesson. I'm going to talk about
How to become fluent in English and to things that you need to do more of I know you're not doing them enough
So I want to encourage you and tell you about
What you should be doing more up. Now I told you I
Am speaking to you from "New York City"
Where are you watching from I see some [familiar] names and familiar faces
But please tell me in the comments. Where are you watching from it smiled? Thank you
I'm so happy you like the beautiful background. I like it very much, too
I love [New] York City, so I want to share it with you, so tell me where you're watching from I'll
read in the comments
Today's Facebook live I'm going to talk about two things that you need to do more of to improve your fluency
[I'm] going to tell you that it is the last chance
To get the English power pack and I'm going to tell you a little bit about the English power pack
And I'll take your questions
So we're going to do all of this in just about 10 or 15 minutes because I know
that you're busy, and I want to keep it short and
Sweet [I] see some people watching from turkey from Saudi Arabia from Brazil indonesia. [oh] my goodness
I'm so excited. I'm so [excited] to see all of you from all different countries
Amazing [oh], we have such a wonderful
World of go natural English learners, thank you so much for being here
So the number [one] question that I get from my go natural English Community is
How do I become fluent in English?
it's a very good questions the most common question, so if I'm going to answer this question
quickly [in]
one word I would say
practice is
Something that we don't do enough. I think that many of us myself included
when we learn a new language
learn a new word
One time we see the new word and we expect ourselves to know that word
But that's not how it works we have to practice and review a new word or a new phrase at least
20 times
Before we can remember that word so many of you have asked me. How can I remember vocabulary how can I?
Stop hesitating. How can I remember the words that I want to use in?
Conversation well we have to practice more and the most important thing here is you have to be?
patient with [yourself]
[we] have these high
Expectations that you're going to remember a new word and how to use it after
one time, but you need 20 times, maybe even
30 times you need to see a word or a phrase before
You remember it and before you are ready to use it
So one thing that you need to do more is [to] be more patient with yourself
[that] means to forgive yourself if you forget a word, but don't stop trying don't stop
Practicing don't stop studying be patient with yourself
Allow yourself time to see new phrases 20 30 40 times
It's okay the most important thing is you don't stop. Yes louise. I like your comment practice makes perfect, [so]
Lots of practice and to practice a lot we have to be patient with ourselves
So when you practice, and you [feel] like it's taking a long time to improve your fluency just
Breathe and be a little more patient with yourself. I love [you] guys
I think you're doing a great job if you are watching
This right now it means that you're serious about improving your English fluency
You know the difference that it can make in your life. We just need to be a little bit more
patient with ourselves
What does patient mean if patient is a new word it means that you're calm that you're loving to yourself that you forgive yourself
if you take a long time
the second thing that you need [to] do more of
This might come as a big surprise
But you need to make more mistakes
Yes, I'm going to say it again. You need to make more mistakes
What more mistakes but don't we want to speak English fluently perfectly? Yes?
but in
order to achieve
fluency [in]
order to become
Perfect. We have to we must
Make mistakes you don't just wake up
skilled you don't just wake up perfect you don't wake up a
Fluent speaker of another language you don't you know?
You are not born in a fluent speaker of your first language you have to make mistakes children make mistakes in their first language
Every day all the time and it's so cute
why as
Don't we think it's cute when we make mistakes it can be cute it can be a good thing because that shows that we're learning
So I want you to make mistakes every day if you agree that
Mistakes can be a good thing if you learn from them then send me a heart send me a thumbs up just click on
the like icon
For thumbs up or the heart icon to show me that you agree that it's okay
It's no, it's not okay. It's good to make mistakes
It's okay to make mistakes, and it's good to make mistakes because you can learn from your mistakes
[I] see a very good question [don't] we need someone who corrects our mistakes. Yes, of course that's [very] helpful, but you know I
bet that
have caught your own mistakes sometimes not all the time but
sometimes you know
when you make a mistake
How do you know well sometimes you catch yourself?
Isn't it funny how sometimes we say a word and then we realize oh, that was a mistake
I used the wrong verb tense or I [use] the wrong word or oh, I don't [think] I pronounced that word correctly
Sometimes you're Smart and you catch yourself
[you] are so smart
Sometimes we do need help to correct our mistakes because we don't realize and in that case
I recommend that [you] work with a teacher a tutor or someone who is a little bit more fluent than you in
English to help you correct your mistakes, [but] in all
Honesty you can catch a lot of your own mistakes. So don't wait don't wait
until you can work with a teacher you can make mistakes on your own and
You can catch your mistakes on your own sometimes
your conversation partners will show you that you're making a mistake [not] [by] saying you made a mistake because that's
very rare that your
Friends your [English-speaking] friends would say you made a mistake. That's kind of rude, right?
But you can see it in their face if you say something and your friends look like this
You made a mistake
So you have to be observant and look at people's faces
And you can find out if you made a mistake and maybe you can ask your [friends], [too]
Maybe you can ask did I say something incorrectly actually I did this in
Portuguese, I was recently a few weeks ago in
Portugal [I] was traveling I spent one week in Portugal
And I was using my portuguese because if you have been following me for a long time you know [that] I love learning
Languages, and I've learned portuguese
so I was speaking to
a man in Portuguese and
He responded to me in English, and I thought oh no
I must have made a [mistake] because if he's responding in English I
Probably didn't speak very well in portuguese, so I asked him in Portuguese
I asked did I make a mistake in portuguese is my portuguese [ok] and
He said oh
No, you didn't make a mistake in Portuguese. He said
You spoke perfectly, but I'm so used to speaking English
With foreigners that I changed to English
So ask more questions [-] this is a third thing [that] you should do more [of] so a bonus today
I said I would share two things you need to do more of but I'm going to share a third one
Which is ask more questions
So let me review one
Practice and have patience with yourself when you practice to make more mistakes
[three] ask more questions
More patience and practice more mistakes more questions one more time
More patience when you practice more mistakes and more questions
these are three things that you are not doing [enough] of
Can you do more of those is it easy? Can you [I] think you can do this right now?
I think it's easy, and I think [it's] free not only is it easy to be patient
But it's free not only is [it] easy to make mistakes, but it's free not only is it easy to ask more questions
But it's free
So these are three easy and free things that you can do right now to improve your English fluency
Now today, I need to tell you something very important
Question about how to become fluent in English is very
Important to me. That's why I'm here, and I thought about it for [a] long time, and I wanted to create something for you
Some learning materials some lessons to really help you to practice
So I also know that you know I'm a good teacher, but there are other great teachers
And it's good to learn from many different teachers, so I
Asked my English teacher friends to help me to make something really special
To help you to learn English and we created the English power pack
the English Power Pack is
One week so it's seven days
It's for sale for seven days. Let me say only for sale for seven days there are seven teachers
seven different
courses if
You buy each of these courses separately?
You you can buy the courses separately, but they cost
$500 if you buy them
During our seven-day sale
They all cost you get all of them for 80% off for
$97 that's an amazing value. So what is the English power pack it's
Seven full courses
Seven different teachers teaching you it's not private lessons, but it is
downloadable lessons and
This is your last chance to get it
It's an amazing value these teachers have worked so hard
And this is their best work in these courses they've put their best lessons into the English power pack
For you to enjoy for you to learn from for you to practice and improve your fluency
So the English power pack is ending. This is your last chance to get it it will not be
Repeated if we do another English power pack it will be different [it]
Will be different this English power pack
Will never be repeated and this is the last chance to get it on Sunday?
December 4th at
Midnight it
Closes it ends. Goodbye. It's over forever
So I'm just telling you this because I [care] about you
And I want you to know I'm not going to talk about the English power pack
Again, I just want you to know you should go to English to gonaturalenglish.com
Pp. The Link is in the description
you should go there now because it is the last chance for you to get the English power pack and
In the [New] [Year], you know we're coming to the end of 2016 in the New Year. [I] will have some new
Lessons for you, but they're going to be
They're going to be more expensive
So I want you to know that this is the last chance to get the best value ever
For the English power pack, and you know I don't mean to
Advertise what I mean to do is to help you because I honestly know that this is the best value for you
so if you care about your English fluency I
Strongly suggest that you get the English power pack
I want to answer a few questions that I've gotten from many of you
Many of you have asked really good questions about the English power pack, so I'm going to quickly answer them
How much is the English power pack it is?
$97 which is 80% off
The regular price, [so] it's a really good deal at 80% off
How do I pay for the English power pack go to gonaturalenglish.com?
Epp and you can pay with a credit card or debit card or PayPal
Is it downloadable yes five of the courses in the English power pack are?
downloadable two of them are
membership sites so you get the login information to
Use everything on the membership sites that is included in the English power pack
So read on the English power pack website about what is included what is downloadable? And what is a membership sites?
The the the English power pack only [seven] days yes the sale
ends on Sunday
but you keep
The courses forever so you can study
These courses for a month six months for a year for as long as you want. They are yours [but]
This English power pack is [only] on sale until Sunday
Is it the same as before?
[we've] done the first English power
a year ago the second English power pack in June and now the third English power pack in
December and each one is totally different completely different
so no it is not the same we have different teachers different courses and it will never be the same and
Finally the last question can I get it later can I buy it next year well?
No, you can't because the sale ends on Sunday. You can buy each of the courses
[individually] from each of the different teachers websites
But it's going to cost you five [hundred] dollars so I don't want you to spend all that money
When you can get it now [for] [$97], so if you have other questions, you can ask me in the comments
And I will be happy to answer them
[I] want to encourage you above all else whether you get the english power pack or not. That's fine
I still [love] you
I want to encourage you to do those three things that I told you about that you're not doing enough
Have patience when you practice make more mistakes and ask more questions
[do] these things and you're going to improve your fluency very quickly [all] right that is all for now
I want to say have a wonderful weekend from New York City
I'm gabby your teacher here at go [natural] English. Yes. I know it's backwards, but that's because I'm using my selfie camera and
I will see you next week. I'm going to take the weekends and
Really work hard on getting you the English power pack
And I'll see you next week
Have a wonderful weekend yourself and don't forget to check out to learn more about
to get the English power pack
Alright guys. Have a great rest of your day, and I'll talk to you later. Bye


2件增進英語流利必做的事 (2 things you must do more if you want to be fluent in English [FB Live])

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