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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, IvyChuChuTrain!
So summer is finally here in Tokyo
And I've decided to take a one day trip to Yokohama
I say "One Day Trip" and it sounds really far
But actually Yokohama isn't THAT far away from Tokyo
It's around 1.5 hours away from where I live
And you actually get a direct train to Shibuya
And I think it takes around 40 minutes?
A lot of people who live in Tokyo
Actually live in Yokohama
Because the rent is much cheaper
And in my opinion, the environment is SO much better
So since Yokohama is a port city
You get a really international
Or a really western vibe
Around here
You'll see a lot of European looking restaurants
A lot of outdoor cafes
Those are like really rare in Tokyo
Because, you know, air pollution lol
So whenever I come to Yokohama
I kinda feel like
I'm in Europe
Or like I'm in Hawaii,
since it's right by the ocean
So today I'm going to show you guys
Some of the must see spots
in Yokohama in my opinion
And I hope you guys will like it!
My first spot is this
Yamashita Koen (Yamashita Park). So what i usually do,
is get off at
Motomachi-Chukagai Station
Or Chinatown station,
and I walk over to Yamashita Koen
They have all kinds of events here
almost every weekend
They have beer festivals, and in October they have Octoberfest
A lot of alcohol related events lol
And this week just so happens to be
"Dragon Boat Festival" week
So there's a Dragon Boat Race going on
For those who don't know
Dragon boat festival is like this...
Chinese festival, and it's to commemorate
a really famous poet
And on this day, you..
race dragon boats?
And I guess since Chinatown is right over there
They have this annual event at Yamashita Park.
So Yamashita Park stretches around I would guess
1 KM along the Yokohama shoreline,
along the Yokohama port
So what I usually do is to come here and check out if they have any events
Usually there are
alcohol related events,
At least on the weekends that I've been here before, there are almost always alcohol related events
And if there are no events,
I would usually just get a cup of coffee, get some sandwiches, sit down on the grass somewhere
Enjoy my sunny Sunday you know
So after Yamashita Park, what I usually do is take a 10 minute walk
from the park to Akarenga
Which is the Red Brick Warehouse
This is a century old warehouse, and was reconstructed by the government
a while back, and now that it's reconstructed
it's got a lot of restaurants,
cool souvenir shops
hipster stores, or like open house
terrace cafes and stuff like that
and I think it's pretty cool
On this square that you see outside Akarenga
They usually have lots of events here
And this weekend on the other side, they have this beer festival thing
going on
I'm not sure if it's a beer festival, but I saw them giving out free beer
So I'm just gonna assume that
it's another alcohol related festival lol
They have all kinds of Yatai
or food stalls over there, they have street food
It's a whole lotta fun
Akarenga also lights up at night,
so if you have time you can walk over to Yamashita park
And look across the harbor, you'll see the red brick warehouse
just bask in really warm, beautiful yellow lighting
And the big ummm
ferris wheel, the Yokohama landmark in the back
It's I would say, one of the most romantic spots
In this area
It's definitely an awesome date spot
So you know
If you're here with your boyfriend or girlfriend
definitely come here
And of course like most harbors,
Yokohama has like this cruise ship thing going on
So there are like I think, 2 or 3 types of cruise ships that you can go on
The tickets are pretty reasonable, like
2000 for adults and 1000 for kids I think (JPY) Some of these cruising companies also have like
lunch cruises, dinner cruises,
beer parties or beer gardens during Summer,
So that could also be something that you can check out at Yokohama
So one of the main reaasons that I came to Yokohama today
Is not for the beer festival, it's not for the park
it's not for the red brick house, it's actually for CHINATOWN
Because this is one of the few places in Japan where I can
experience food from home
Like, I know it's not "Taiwan Town", but
Taiwanese food, Chinese food, they all taste kinda the same to me
Once you step inside Chinatown, you'll see alot of restaurants
And alot of them are all you can eat
for like 15 USD or 16 USD
It's pretty cheap
There was this one time
when I went to an all you can eat restaurant with no time limit
And it was only 10 USD, so I literally sat there
the whole afternoon stuffing my face
and it was only like, 10 dollars, and plus a beer that I ordered
So food here is generally pretty reasonably priced
and granted, there are a few places here and there
that tastes kinda weird,
and doesn't taste like legit Chinese food
but you know, you just gotta try and see
most of them are really good, especially the street food
like those food stalls selling those little dumplings or little pork buns and stuff
those are really good
There are a couple of Chinatowns in Japan
There's one in Yokohama here
One in Nagasaki, and one in Kobe
These are a few of the larger Chinatowns in Japan
But Yokohama is the largest one
of them all
Yokohama's Chinatown is so legit
they actually have a temple in here
so let's go check it out
For some reason in Chinatown, apart from your usually restaurants
and food stalls, you also get a lot of
thrift shops, or second hand clothes shops
And also a lot of Indian style and
Thai style, or just SouthEast Asian style
accessory shop and clothes shops
Which is pretty cool you know
So apart from good food
you can also do a little bit of shopping here
Get yourself some 10 dollar slippers
scarves, bags, thongs, whatever,
it's actually pretty cool!
Our last spot for today, is the
Osanbashi Pier, which is a wooden made bridge
shaped like a bridge, located right behind Yamashita Koen
So as I mentioned before, you can see all the big landmarks of Yokohama from this bridge
including the Akarenga
the red brick warehouse
The big ferris wheel,
The landmark tower, and just like the whole beautiful shoreline
It's pretty crowded today because there's like this festival going on
And people are waiting on the bridge for the fireworks to go off
but usually it's a pretty chill and secluded place
it's very romantic
it's the perfect date spot
So that's it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed my little tour of Yokohama
If you're also a big fan of Yokohama, or if you think
there are other spots that I should definitely check out, please comment down below
And don't forget to subscribe before you go!
I'll see you guys in the next video!


橫濱一日遊經典行程 (My Favorite Spots In Yokohama )

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