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  • OmarHey Elvis, can you please tell me about framing a sentence with pronouns?


  • ElvisYes Omar, I hope you have watched my video with Jimmy in which I have explained

    貓王 是的,奧馬爾,我希望你已經看了我和吉米的視頻,我在視頻中解釋了

  • him about pronouns. OmarYes Elvis! I now know all about pronouns

    他說的是代詞奧馬爾 是的,貓王!我現在知道了所有關於代詞的事

  • because of your video! ElvisGreat!

    因為你的視頻!貓王 太好了!

  • So now let me tell you a story which will help you in framing sentences with pronouns.


  • The Story is calledThe Auxiliary Verb Brothers

    這個故事叫 "助動詞兄弟"

  • Once upon a time in a town called Auxil, lived three brothers. “Am”, “IsandAre

    從前,在一個叫Auxil的小鎮上,住著三兄弟,"Am"、"Is "和 "Are"。"阿姆"、"伊斯 "和 "阿雷"

  • They were called as Auxiliary verbs because they used to tell information about the things


  • which are in the present tense. Though they were brothers, they had different


  • hobbies. “Amwas very shy, it had only one best

    嗜好。"阿姆 "非常害羞,它只有一個最好的

  • friend “I”. SoAmliked to hang around only with “I” For example.

    朋友 "我"。所以,"阿姆 "只喜歡和 "我 "在一起,比如。

  • I am a boy. I am a student.


  • I am a scientist. I am rohan.


  • Isliked to hang around with Singular objects, soishad a great bonding with

    "是 "喜歡和奇異的對象混在一起,所以 "是 "和奇異的對象有很好的緣分。

  • all the singular person, object, animal, and thing. For example.


  • Jimmy is a brilliant student. Lion is the king of the jungle.


  • My water bottle is black in colour. Delhi is the capital of India.


  • Areliked to hang around with all the Plural Objects, Soarehad a great bonding

    "Are "喜歡和所有複數對象混在一起,所以 "Are "有很好的親和力

  • with all the plural person, objects, animals and things. For Example.


  • You are my best friend. Cats are very fluffy.


  • Bikes are best mode of transport. Fruits are very healthy.


  • ElvisHope you had fun and understood all aboutAm”, “Is” & “Are”.

    貓王--希望你玩得開心,並瞭解 "Am"、"Is "和 "Are "的所有內容。

  • OmarYes, Elvis! It was a fun and entertaining movie. Now I know the wordamis used

    奧馬爾--是的,貓王!這是部有趣的娛樂電影。現在我知道了 "我 "這個詞是用於

  • with the pronoun “I”. The wordisis used with all the singular objects, animals,

    用代詞 "我"。"是 "字與所有單數物體、動物。

  • person, and thing. And the wordareis used with all the Plural objects, person

    人,和物。而 "是 "字與所有的複數物體、人

  • and thing. Thanks Elvis, you are my best friend.


  • ElvisHe He He Always.

    貓王 - 他他他他總是.

OmarHey Elvis, can you please tell me about framing a sentence with pronouns?


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A2 初級 中文 美國腔 貓王 奧馬爾 複數 助動詞 單數 對象

文法學習:be 動詞與代名詞 (Use of AM, IS, ARE with Pronouns | English Grammar | Roving Genius)

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