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  • "I am wet," said Bat. "And I am lost."

    小蝙蝠說:我溼溼了 我也迷路了

  • "I must find a dry place. I must find a safe place."

    我必須找一個乾的地方 我必須找一個安全的地方

  • So Bat flew and flew. He looked all around.

    所以小蝙蝠飛啊飛啊 他四處張望

  • The wind was strong. The rain was wet.

    風好大 雨好濕

  • Bat did not see a dry place. He did not see a safe place.

    小蝙蝠找不到乾的地方 他找不到安全的地方

  • Then Bat saw something. It was big and red.

    然後 小蝙蝠看到了 一個大的 紅的

  • It was a barn!


  • Bat flew to the roof. He went over the side.

    小蝙蝠飛進屋頂 他進去裡頭

  • He hung by his toes. He looked for a way to get in.

    他用腳趾掛著 他想找個地方進去

  • Then Bat saw a hole. It was little.

    然後 小蝙蝠看到了一個洞 很小

  • But so was Bat.


"I am wet," said Bat. "And I am lost."

小蝙蝠說:我溼溼了 我也迷路了


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A2 初級 中文 蝙蝠 迷路 地方 穀倉 大雨 安全

蝙蝠和朋友們2:小狐狸的動畫故事學英語。 (Bat and Friends 2: Learn English with Animated Stories by Little Fox)

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