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  • welcome back to another episode of real English with real teachers we are back

    歡迎回到另一集的真實 真正的教師英語,我們回來了

  • on the streets of London to expose you to some naturally spoken English so

    在倫敦的大街上揭露你 對一些自然口語的英語,所以

  • let's see who we find today


  • what's the first thing you notice when you meet someone new


  • their hair yeah what if they're wearing a hat

    其頭髮 是啊,如果他們戴著帽子

  • if they're bald or not okay

    禿不禿 好的

  • what is the first thing you notice when you meet someone

    你首先注意到的是什麼 逢人

  • their face


  • before we start the video we wanted to tell you about a language

    在我們開始視頻之前,我們 想告訴你一種語言

  • learning platform that Harry and I have been using heavily for the last two

    學習平臺,哈里和我已經 近兩年來一直在大量使用

  • years this website is called italki and we love it not only because it's

    幾年來,這個網站被稱為Italki 我們喜歡它,不僅因為它是。

  • convenient and it's user friendly it's also super affordable but furthermore

    方便和它的用戶友好的它的。 也是超實惠的,但進一步

  • it's connecting you with an actual native teacher so we highly recommend

    它是連接你與一個真正的 本土教師,所以我們強烈推薦

  • you check out italki just how Charles has done as a professional football player

    你檢查出Italki只是查爾斯如何有 作為職業球員

  • who's just joined Arsenal and we're gonna see how he likes italki thank

    誰是剛剛加盟阿森納,我們是 要去看看他是如何喜歡意大利語,謝謝

  • you for giving us 20 seconds of your time Charles

    你給我們20秒的時間 時代

  • it is not a problem not at all

    這不是問題 不是問題

  • can you quickly tell the


  • fans why you decided to come to italki and learn online instead of staying in

    粉絲們為什麼決定來意大利? 並在網上學習,而不是呆在

  • the traditional classroom yes it is quite simple really I could not get to

    傳統課堂 是的,這是很簡單的,真的 我不能得到的。

  • the class because I am playing football all day it is a very intensive training so

    因為我一直在踢足球 天,這是一個非常密集的訓練,所以

  • online is a very convenient for me to practice my English

    網上是一個非常方便的我 練習英語

  • Thank You Charles


  • back to the studio yes so we've partnered up with

    返工 是的,所以我們已經與合作。

  • italki and because of that we've managed to get you ten dollars worth of

    italki,也正因為如此,我們已經成功地 給你十塊錢

  • italki credits once you sign up for your first lesson

    只要您註冊了 第一課

  • so enjoy this video learn all the vocabulary that we're about to give you

    所以享受這個視頻學習所有 詞彙,我們即將給你

  • and then hit the link in the description box below to get your class and practice

    然後點擊描述中的鏈接 下面的框框裡,讓你的課和練習

  • with a native teacher couldn't be better so we hope you enjoy that enjoy the

    師出有名 所以,我們希望你喜歡,享受

  • video name the first thing that you notice when you meet somebody new

    視頻名稱 逢迎

  • oh their eyes


  • why are the eyes so special cuz you look into them first

    為什麼眼睛這麼特別 因為你先調查他們

  • that's how you see anyway yeah or if they have pretty eyes

    反正你是這麼看的 或者如果他們有漂亮的眼睛

  • yeah and you like them

    是啊 你喜歡他們

  • if they're just dull eyes then well then you pretend like they're pretty for their sake

    如果只是眼神呆滯的話 那你就裝作漂亮的樣子吧

  • I think mouth in my case oh right

    我覺得我的情況是嘴 哦對了

  • I tend to look at people being slightly deaf I think I lip read a bit you know

    我傾向於把人看成是輕微耳聾的人 我想我是會讀脣語的,你知道嗎?

  • and so I tend to look at people's mouths rather than their eyes

    所以我傾向於看別人的嘴臉 而不是他們的眼睛

  • anything else that's really important their smile yeah

    其他重要的東西 他們的笑容是的

  • okay


  • what's the first thing you notice when you meet someone new their eyes their

    什麼是你注意到的第一件事,當 你遇到一個新的人,他們的眼睛,他們的

  • teeth okay do you look into their dental records [laughter] no

    牙齒沒事你看看他們的牙科記錄 [笑]沒有

  • do you like it if they've got glasses is that a deal breaker I don't care

    你喜歡他們戴眼鏡嗎? 那是個問題嗎? 我不在乎

  • you don't care contact lenses I don't care, no

    你不在乎隱形眼鏡 我不在乎,沒有

  • take anything yeah

    無所不用其極 是啊

  • their smile probably generally speaking British people are quite stereotypically

    笑容可掬 英國人是相當刻板的

  • bad with smiling at people in the street but oh really

    爛大街的笑臉,但 哦,真的

  • I think it's quite important in this day and age so yeah


  • their face or like their outfit what did you think when you first saw our outfits

    臉蛋兒、衣服兒 當你第一次看到我們的衣服時,你有什麼想法?

  • studenty [laughter] that's a good one

    studenty [笑] 這是個好主意

  • yeah d'you know what I mean I do yeah I feel quite studenty

    是的,你知道我的意思 是的,我覺得很有學問

  • yeah yeah something like that

    是啊 是的,類似的事情

  • I think it's me trying to hold


  • on to my youth yeah cling to the last shreds

    惜別 是啊,堅持最後的碎片

  • what's something that you notice about someone when you

    什麼東西 當你注意到一個人的時候,你

  • meet them instantly instantly how good-looking they are

    一見如故 頓時覺得他們有多好看

  • how good-looking they are


  • would you say in New Zealand people are more smiley yeah I'd say that

    你會說在紐西蘭 人都是比較愛笑的 是的,我會說

  • I'd say that I think that people just get a bad rep and especially big cities

    我想說的是,我認為人們只是 名聲不好,特別是在大城市

  • like London for being busy and not very approachable but most Londoners I

    喜歡倫敦的繁華和不太 但大多數倫敦人,我

  • feel they are quite approachable good

    覺得他們很平易近人 好的

  • do you make a conscious effort to just stare at the


  • mouth or do you go back and forth between the eyes and the

    嘴裡還是來回 兩眼之間

  • mouth or yeah well I think you should look people in the eyes they expect it

    嘴裡還是 是啊,我想你應該 正眼看人

  • so I make that conscious effort yeah you look at your person's face yes and

    所以,我使這種有意識的努力是 你看你的人的臉是的,並

  • then you ask questions and hopefully you get a feeling for what sort of person

    然後你提出問題,希望你 識時務者為俊傑

  • they are yeah in a short period of time


  • do you think it's strange because I


  • was talking to Charlie about this the other day he said if you look at someone

    和查理說起這個的時候 有一天,他說,如果你看一個人

  • in the eyes for longer than five seconds people get a bit weirded out they feel

    眼神 人云亦云

  • uneasy how do you feel about that no I wouldn't never experienced that no

    你覺得怎麼樣 不,我不會從來沒有經歷過,沒有

  • I s'pose [suppose] yeah perhaps you're right looking at you now yeah [laughter]


  • I am not like my wife she very much


  • looks at the person and decides what they're like before even having their

    看人下菜碟,決定 他們甚至有他們的之前的樣子

  • conversation which annoys me intensely because there are beauty is only

    煩話 因為有美才

  • skin-deep some people have very piercing eyes don't they

    鑽心 眼睛不

  • yeah like Hitler the Hitler stare

    是的,像希特勒 希特勒的目光

  • his eyes were very distinctive apparently yeah he had a very piercing menacing gaze

    他的眼睛很有神 是啊,他有一個非常刺眼的 威脅的目光。

  • yeah well you haven't you have lovely soft eyes


  • so you like to give them a bit more time yeah I do yeah

    所以你想給他們更多的時間。 是的,我做

  • does your wife give them a second chance no

    你的妻子是否給他們第二次機會 沒有

  • no right so she's quite cut-throat yeah

    不對,所以她很吝嗇。 是啊

  • anything else that you notice first thing what about with your wife what did you

    別有洞天 那你和你妻子呢 你做了什麼

  • I suppose you notice the way they're


  • dressed don't you and you form an impression about them by the way they're dressed I suppose

    你會從他們的衣著打扮上對他們產生印象,我想... ...

  • and you kind of expect a certain style of dress with certain people don't you I

    你有點期待某種風格的 穿著打扮

  • mean I would look at these youngsters over here and everyone is wearing trainers

    我的意思是,我會看這些年輕人 在這裡,每個人都穿著運動鞋

  • you know there's not one proper pair of shoes amongst them and that's the way they are

    你知道沒有一雙合適的鞋。 他們之間的鞋子,這就是他們的方式。

  • I mean like today I'm wearing a jacket I'm not wearing a tie but

    我的意思是像今天我穿的 我沒有打領帶,而是

  • you look dapper you look very dapper the hat the long coat the shoes

    你看起來很帥氣 你看起來很 帽衫長褂鞋襪

  • yeah I mean not many people


  • have proper raincoats these days I don't suppose no

    天下無不散之筵席 沒有

  • and that's a hangover from when I was at


  • work you know so yeah

    熟悉的工作 是啊

  • still got it when I retired you've got style I think the older generations have a lot

    終身俸 你有風格 我覺得老一輩的人有很多

  • more style than we do nowadays so we're going to leave Harry there to reminisce over the older

    比我們現在的風格更多,所以我們要留下 哈里在那裡回憶舊的

  • generation and they're less studenty appearance and ask you the same question

    而他們又不太愛學習 貌合神離

  • we asked these lovely members of the public which is what is the first thing

    我們問這些可愛的成員 公眾的,這才是第一件事

  • you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time go ahead and

    一見如故 初次見面

  • challenge yourself to use as many of the highlighted phrases from this video in

    挑戰自己,使用盡可能多的 突出顯示的短語從這個視頻中

  • your answer and leave it as a comment below thanks so much for watching go

    你的答案,並把它作為一個評論。 下面謝謝大家的觀看

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    請給視頻一個喜歡,如果你 發現它是有用的,如果你想留在

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  • episode of Real English With Real Teachers

    真人英語》的一集。 教師

welcome back to another episode of real English with real teachers we are back

歡迎回到另一集的真實 真正的教師英語,我們回來了

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