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  • Right now, we're living in a golden age of streaming services.


  • For $15 a month, one service can give you access to basically endless movies and shows,

    每個月 15 美金,一個服務幾乎每週都上新片,

  • with new offerings coming in every week.


  • But enjoy it while it lasts, because wheels are already


  • in motion to make those services more profitable for companies, and worse for you.


  • Someday soon, to get the same amount of content you're getting now,


  • you have to pay for more streaming services.


  • So think about all the content on a service like Netflix, and where all of it comes from.

    所以試想 Netflix 的所有內容是從哪來的

  • A lot of what you see is made by Netflix, but most of it's not,

    很多你看的影集是 Netflix 自製,但大部分皆不是,

  • whether it's network TV shows, old movies, or movies that were just in theaters.


  • A study last year found that licensed content makes up 80% of what people actually watch.


  • Netflix pays to license that content from the studios, and it's a big part of their business.

    Netflix 付錢和電影製片廠買內榮,這是他們生意的一大部分

  • Access to the streaming market is important for studios, too,


  • because streaming media is where the viewers are.


  • Netflix added 30 million US subscribers in the past five years,

    Netflix 過去五年在美國增加了 3000 萬名用戶,

  • and that's coming at a time when traditional cable and broadcast TVs have less viewers every year.


  • But licensing to Netflix, Hulu, and the other services isn't the only way for studios to get their movies online.

    但授權給 Netflix、Hulu 跟其他串流服務並非片廠將電影上線的唯一辦法

  • Next year, Disney plans to launch its own streaming service, a direct competitor to Netflix.

    明年,迪士尼計畫要推出自己的串流服務,也就成了 Netflix 的直接競爭對手

  • Disney's a little late to the party,


  • but the service will have so much popular content that it may not matter.


  • Remember, Disney owns Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and 21st Century Fox,

    記得,Disney 可是有皮克斯、漫威、星際大戰跟 21 世紀福斯

  • along with more than 90 years of beloved movies and TV.

    伴隨的是超過 90 年受到觀眾喜愛的電影跟電視

  • The bad news is, if it's on Disney's new service,


  • it doesn't really make sense to put it on Netflix, too.

    同時也放到 Netflix 就真的不合理了

  • Once Disney's current licensing deals expire,


  • Coco, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Last Jedi are all probably gonna disappear from the other streaming services.


  • It's a simple business move.


  • Why would Disney put Last Jedi on Netflix

    當迪士尼能將《星際大戰:最後的絕地武士》放在自己的 Disneyflix上時,

  • when it can put it on Disneyflix and make you pay another $15 a month for it?

    為何要同時將這部放在 Netflix ,再讓你每個月多付 15 美金呀?

  • Even if Netflix offered to pay more money in licensing,

    即使 Netflix 願意付更多授權金,

  • Disney would rather have you watch their movies on their service.


  • Disney is actually really good at making money when distribution methods change.


  • If you look at the history of the company,


  • they've done it over and over again.


  • When VHS and DVDs became popular,


  • Disney pioneered a system called the Disney Vault,

    迪士尼就最先創了個叫 Disney Vault 的系統,

  • where movies would be locked away for years,


  • and only made available for lucrative, limited-run sales.


  • [Narrator] All these magical Disney videos before they disappear.

    (配音員) 在這些奇幻的迪士尼影片消失之前

  • Whether you love or hate the vault, it worked.

    不論你喜歡或討厭 Disney Vault 這個方式,它就是奏效了

  • A study in the year 2000 found that 55% of Disney fans replaced their VHS tapes with DVDs,

    一項 2000 年的研究指出,相比起其他片廠僅有 14% 的 DVD 率,

  • compared to only 14% for other studios.

    55% 的迪士尼粉絲用 DVD 取帶它們的錄像機影帶

  • Cable expanded the playing field even more.


  • Initially, Disney licensed its content to HBO,

    最一開始,迪士尼將內容授權給 HBO,

  • but soon they realized that the real money was in running their own channel.


  • So the Disney channel was born.


  • Last year, Disney made 40% of its money from cable channels, including the ABC networks and ESPN.

    去年,迪士尼從有線頻道賺了 40%,包含 ABC 及娛樂與體育節目電視網

  • And as cord-cutters move away from cable,


  • towards services like Netflix, Disney's trying to pull off the same trick with streaming video,

    使得 Netflix、迪士尼試著擺脫串流影片的同樣把戲,

  • using its massive content library to build a whole new service from the ground up.


  • Now, Disney's not the only studio trying to do that.


  • Comcast has its Xfinity streaming service,

    美國有線電視康卡斯特推出其 Xfinity 的串流服務,

  • Time Warner has HBO Go.

    華納媒體則有 HBO Go

  • The only way to see the latest Star Trek series is


  • by paying six dollars a month for CBS All Access.

    每個月付 6 美金買 CBS 互動平台

  • Everybody's vertically integrating,


  • which means there'll be less and less third-party content available to license.


  • If you wanna follow all the movies and shows,


  • you'll have to pay for all the services,


  • and there'll be more and more of them to pay for.


  • If you've noticed a lot more Netflix Originals lately, that's why.

    你如果有注意到最近有許多 Netflix 原創,這就是為什麼了

  • If you can't find Star Wars or Iron Man on Netflix,

    你如果在 Netflix 找不到《星際大戰》或是《鋼鐵人》,

  • executives are betting you'll stick around for Stranger Things and BoJack Horseman,


  • just like you stuck with HBO for Game of Thrones.

    就如同你會為了《權力遊戲》死黏著 HBO 一樣

  • So if you follow a bunch of streaming services now,


  • you might soften the blow by borrowing the password from your parents or friends,


  • but that could be in danger, too.


  • Streaming services can shut down account sharing anytime they want.


  • Just look at Spotify, where sharing accounts is nearly impossible.

    就看 Spotify 吧,要共享帳號近乎不可能

  • Netflix is slowly cracking down on account sharing, too,

    Netflix 也正慢慢限制共享帳號,

  • As the industry matures, those rules are gonna tighten,


  • and it's gonna get harder and harder to dip into a service without paying for it.


  • Now, for corporations, this is about the money.


  • Disney paid four billion dollars for Star Wars, and they wanna make that money back as fast as they can.

    迪士尼花了 40 億製作《星際大戰》,且他們越快賺回本越好

  • But all that leaves the general interest fan in a tough place.


  • Do you stick with a single streaming service,


  • and miss out on the next wave of Marvel movies?


  • Is the new Star Trek really worth six dollars a month?

    《星艦迷航記》真的值一個月 6 美金嗎?

  • We don't know what the future of streaming will look like, yet.


  • The transition away from licensing could be jarring, or it could happen slowly, over years.


  • Competition between the new services could inspire a new golden age of TV shows,


  • or everyone could fall back on old tricks and familiar franchises,


  • but whatever happens, the pipeline between the camera and your screen is gonna get a lot more controlled,


  • and if you want the same amount of content you've been used to, you're gonna have to pay more.


  • Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it.


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    如果你想看更多免費影片內容,到 看看,

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Right now, we're living in a golden age of streaming services.


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