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  • phrases you can use for your IELTS Writing Task 2 essay for the conclusion now this video

  • is divided into three parts first we look at the list of phrases second I'll give you

  • some advice and tips and knowledge on how to use these phrases and then finally we're

  • going to use a phrase in a real IELTS Task 2 question so you know exactly what to do

  • when it comes to the exam so let's jump straight into it so here we have our lovely phrases

  • you can see that we've got about -- we've got the starting phrase which says this essay

  • set out toand then what we do is we add one of those 8 alternatives underneath so

  • we can say this essay set out to establish whetherand then we relate it back to the

  • question or this essay set out to determine whetherthis essay set out to develop a

  • model forwe're probably not going to use that one this essay set out to better

  • understand the issuesso we've got a few options there and then we put on whatever

  • is relevant to our essay in the same regard we could say this essay set out toand

  • then you can take over from there this essay has argued that the effects of globalization

  • are ever increasing and with that comes ever-increasing dangerswhatever okay last one or final

  • ones overall this essay strengthens the idea that equality for both genders is an important

  • issue okay and this essay has discussed the reasons forin this essay the aim was to

  • assessthe aim of this essay was to examinenow I say use these with caution okay this

  • is the second part of the video where I'm just going to tell you how to use them I'll

  • give you advice use them with caution because you can start to sound verbose verbose is

  • when you use a lot of words to describe something that could be described with less the opposite

  • of verbose is succinct and succinct is the gold standard for your writing this is what

  • we want to be aiming for verbose writing is often encouraged in other writing systems

  • in other writing cultures I know for example in Spanish that using as many of these set

  • phrases is often encouraged especially in academic or in legal or in bureaucratic texts

  • however with academic English the opposite is true we want to say as much as possible

  • with as few as many words as we can this is why I say use these with caution because we're

  • adding words that are not entirely necessary that is we can say the same using less words

  • often however writing in a succinct style is sometimes not possible for certain students

  • because they just haven't reached that level yet in which case using these phrases can

  • be quite useful and it can be -- I don't like saying this but it can be a little shortcut

  • in improving your work so if you're around a 5, 6, 6.5 perhaps these sentences would

  • help you a good analogy is that when you've got crutches you know if you break your leg

  • or your knee or ankle something like that and then you're given those crutches that

  • go under here and here and you walk like that you're going to be walking and you're going

  • to reach your destination however your leg if you keep on using these crutches your legs

  • never get stronger eventually you've got to throw the crutches away these are crutches

  • these phrases so that's what I'm saying just use them with caution now let's have a look

  • and use these in action i.e. in a conclusion by the way I forgot to mention that these

  • we can use them at the end of our paragraphs as well not just at the end of our essay that

  • there are ways to incorporate these into our paragraphs but once again same rules apply

  • just be careful you do run the risk of sounding verbose especially if you overload your essay

  • with these copy/paste phrases so just bear that in mind please use these with caution

  • let's carry on so imagine we've got the question in some countries people think that women

  • should have equality with men in particular equal rights to work as police officers or

  • serve in the army others think that women are not suitable for such jobs discuss both

  • views and give your opinion so if we're going to use this -- one of these phrases for example

  • we're going to use returning to the question posed at the beginning of this essay it is

  • now possible to state that okay women with adequate and thorough preparation are suitable

  • for some positions historically held by men so we have to adapt the sentence and make

  • it unique in the fact that it's unique for this essay we cannot say something like returning

  • to the question posed at the beginning of this essay it is now possible to state that

  • we have reached a formal conclusion of the advantages of this issue okay this is terrible

  • terrible terrible writing because there's nothing there that's empty so this is why

  • you must adapt these sentences and make them correspond to the question or to the topic

  • of that paragraph otherwise you're not doing yourself any favors you're just wasting

  • time because you could be writing something that's going to get you points rather than

  • just copy-pasting these sentences that's not going to pick you up hardly anything okay

  • so if you need more help with these and if you're struggling with your writing you can

  • have a look at the online course and there's lots of modules and we don't rely so much

  • as the phrases but we do have a structure that's much easier to follow so before I make

  • the analogy of the crutches okay if we keep with this analogy the structure that we developed

  • and that we teach on the online course is the same as one of those Bionic suits okay

  • suddenly you've got muscles and you've got power and you can sprint and it's just a lot

  • easier and so all these obstacles that are stopping you you go straight through them

  • okay so if that's -- if you feel like you'd benefit from that have a look at the online

  • course and if you are struggling with your work you can also get feedback on your essays

  • there at so good luck with your IELTS preparation and thank you for watching

  • take care

phrases you can use for your IELTS Writing Task 2 essay for the conclusion now this video


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雅思寫作任務短語--結論(2018) (IELTS Phrases for Writing Task - Conclusion (2018))

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