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Hi everyone!
Today I'm partnering up with AWAY to show you how I pack for my one-week trip to Japan.
I'm packing in this medium-sized luggage because I want to leave some extra space to shop.
I usually start with clothes.
I'll pick out my outfits and then I'll start folding each piece into a little rectangle that can stack vertically into my suitcase.
You'll see later what it looks like.
Here I have two pairs of pants.
And I also have two pairs of leggings.
And then I have this pair of shorts that I'm gonna bring as well.
Then I pack two dresses: one that's casual, and another one that's a little more dressy just in case we ever need to go somewhere a little nicer.
Then I'm packing two oversized t-shirts.
I feel like these are just super easy, comfy, and I can wear them with leggings since I don't like wearing pants that often.
Then I have more tops.
So I have this long-sleeved sweater that's very fall-looking.
I have this red blouse.
And another t-shirt.
So, totally fall vibes.
Alright, then I'm packing this hoodie.
I actually got this last time I was in Tokyo.
And this bomber jacket.
And this cardigan, which I'm actually going to wear on the plane with me.
And this coat.
So this coat is gonna go into my luggage since I have a lot of extra space.
Then I'm packing one workout outfit just in case I decide to work out.
This pouch is for my underwear.
This pouch is for bras and socks.
And here is my toiletries pouch that has everything toiletry-related.
I actually got this pouch from a t-shirt packaging, so it's not something I bought. It's just reused.
Here's the makeup I'm bringing.
I just have a pouch of all the essentials.
I have an eyeshadow palette.
And then my beauty blenders.
A couple beanies because it'll get cold out there.
And two scarves: one thick and one thin.
I have hotel slippers for my boyfriend and myself.
Then here are the shoes I'm packing.
I have flip flops just in case I need to wear them, if the shower's dirty.
And then I have some nicer pair of shoes.
And I wear sneakers, always, on the plane.
A bag of random accessories, and then my electronics pouch.
So I put my phone charger, camera chargers in here.
I actually decided to put my accessories in that pouch as well.
And now it's time to pack!
I start with the heavier items like the hoodies, my pants.
And then putting my tops in there.
As you can see, I'm always rearranging because it's like a game of Tetris.
There's no right way to do it.
You just put in whatever works.
I've put it all my clothes, basically.
I like to put all my clothes in one side of the luggage, and the other side I leave for accessories and miscellaneous stuff.
This vertical packing method is my favorite.
That way, I can kind of look at my luggage and see everything at a glance.
It's like looking into your closet.
On the other side, I'm packing my coat because I know I have a lot of extra space here.
I'm also putting in the shoes and all the miscellaneous items like electronics, toiletries, and makeup.
There's a lot of extra space in here because I know I'm gonna do some shopping.
Now I'll quickly show you what I pack in my backpack that I bring onto the plane.
First and most importantly is my passport.
And then I have wallets in the back.
And then I'll pack some earphones in a pouch.
And I have chopstick and a pen for filling out forms.
My laptop, my laptop charger, iPad, and my workbook for journaling.
I have a pouch with batteries, camera charger, phone charger.
A first aid pouch, hand cream.
And extra jacket.
Not shown here is my camera, because obviously I'm using the camera to film this video.
But that's basically it.
That's what I'm packing for my one-week trip to Japan.
I hope you guys enjoyed that video.
Love you so much, and I'll see you next time.



出國行李打包術!去日本一週該帶那些行李呢? (How to Pack Like a Pro | 1 Week in Japan)

7823 分類 收藏
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