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  • Lisa: I’m Lisa Lisson, I’m the President of FedEx Express Canada, and I’m so happy

  • to announce that were the official transportation provider for two giant pandas coming from

  • China to the Toronto Zoo.

  • Maria: Panda conservation is extremely important because theyre an endangered species, and

  • theyre kind of the icon of conservation of endangered species globally.

  • John: There’s only 2,500 in the wild and only 300 in captivity. Were excited about

  • having the pandas because it’s really going to showcase the conservation that we do here

  • at the Toronto Zoo for all kinds of species.

  • Maria: Were getting a male and a female. The female Er Shun and the male Da Mao. So

  • were hoping to breed them so we add more pandas to the captive population.

  • John: This will be a five year program, that we are going to work in collaboration with

  • other institutions across North America that have giant pandas.

  • Maria: So a lot of people think, okay were bringing pandas in from China and it’s a

  • matter of putting them in a crate and flying them here. No way, there’s a lot of work

  • leading up to getting the pandas here. When youre dealing with a living, breathing

  • creature, their safety is the main focus for us. So there’s tons of vet testing, inoculations,

  • arranging for all the permits, and logisticals.

  • Lisa: At FedEx, were so uniquely qualified to move these special pandas because of our

  • global coverage and our logistical expertise.

  • John: We needed to find a partner that could transport the giant pandas from China to Canada.

  • We also needed a partner that could ship the bamboo which will be coming from the Memphis region.

  • Jaap: Were importing from Memphis Zoo, between 200 to 300 kilos of bamboo, so we

  • might have 600 to 900 kilos provided per week to these two pandas.

  • John: There’s not many partners out there that can do all of that. Were very pleased

  • that FedEx stepped up to be a partner with the giant panda program.

  • Lisa: This special panda move is one of many, in fact not only have we moved pandas but

  • weve moved alligators, whales and tigers.

  • Maria: They have their own panda crates, the panda plane, it’s just a huge weight off

  • our shoulders because we know that theyve done it before, they know what theyre doing.

  • And there’s a huge checklist and it’s all a big team effort to get them here.

  • Lisa: I think it is so important for companies like FedEx to give back to the communities

  • where we live and work every single day.

  • John: Their expertise in transportation and logistics goes without saying and theyve

  • been a proven company that can deliver on pandas, bamboo and all kinds of other shipments.

  • So this works extremely well for the Toronto Zoo and hopefully for FedEx as well.

Lisa: I’m Lisa Lisson, I’m the President of FedEx Express Canada, and I’m so happy


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熊貓出國去 圓仔超可愛 The FedEx Panda Express: Chengdu to Toronto

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