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  • Hey hey hey, what's up? It's your favorite American English teacher here

  • My name is Gabby if you didn't already know and this is go natural English today

  • I want to share with you some tips for using a

  • monolingual dictionary

  • in English that means English to English

  • not English to Spanish English to Portuguese English to Arabic English to Turkish or whatever your native language may be this is the

  • universal English dictionary monolingual means one language English to English

  • So it's very important that you start using a monolingual dictionary

  • and you throw out your bilingual dictionary because we need to develop your

  • thinking skills in English

  • Why?

  • because when you're always

  • Translating from English to your native language from your native language back into English it takes a long time

  • So if you're participating in a conversation in English or trying to participate you can't just be like hey guys wait wait wait

  • Can you just stop?

  • while

  • I check my dictionary because I'm not sure what you said so everybody just stop talking because I need to translate this real quick

  • Okay, got it now. Let me translate my thoughts from my native language back into English, okay guys

  • I'm ready to actually respond now. It doesn't work like that especially

  • in fast conversations

  • maybe in a meeting or like a

  • high-powered business situation you need to be ready to respond and in order to respond you first have to

  • Understand so we need to get your thinking skills going in

  • English fast the best way to do that or one of the best ways is to use a monolingual dictionary

  • Now some people say

  • But Gabby, it doesn't work when I look up a word in a monolingual dictionary

  • It just gives me more

  • Words that I don't know so I still don't understand the word that I looked up and now I feel even more

  • Confused because all the other words are new and I'm confused and now I feel really dumb and bad

  • And why did I even try guys?

  • Relax, it's gonna happen. Do you remember the last time in your language in your native language that you didn't know?

  • What a word meant I'll give you an example in English okay. I learned a new word the other day

  • amortization

  • What does it mean? Well I?

  • Kinda sorta thought I knew what it meant

  • But I looked it up and even after I looked it up in an English English dictionary

  • I did something else I looked for examples of how it is used on

  • Websites, and I did something else I looked for images

  • Through Google Images so I googled this word

  • And then I looked at pictures to see how it was visually

  • Described and this is an awesome way for you to clarify any doubts about a new word is

  • Use Google images and also look at how the word is used in

  • Context on other websites so that you have a variety of diverse

  • and

  • numerous sources of information not only your one monolingual dictionary

  • But now you have the whole internet. Oh my gosh. The Internet's pretty awesome

  • I don't know if you've heard of it

  • but it's a great place to find out more information about words and

  • meanings of things you can learn anything on the internet even English, okay, so

  • Use all of the tools out there and don't give up if you don't succeed

  • Right away you have to try and try again

  • If you don't get the meaning right away just

  • Breathe and keep looking for information, or you know just let it go because it actually takes several

  • recurrences of the word several times

  • to learn a word

  • By heart to really understand the meaning and to remember that word so it's okay

  • It's okay, if at first you don't

  • Quite understand the meaning of the word, and you can't remember it at all

  • So just relax and keep going with English keep reading keep listening

  • And maybe make a note of those words

  • That you'd like to look up that you'd like to learn more about and trust me with this

  • Positive attitude and not giving up of just keeping going day after day you're going to improve quickly

  • You're already improving. You're watching go natural English you're doing the right thing

  • So thank you so much for watching if you liked this

  • Tip on how to learn English how to think in English?

  • then you would love my video on how to stop translating in your head and

  • Think in English right up there. You can watch it and make sure if you have not subscribed to go natural English

  • subscribe by clicking the big red subscribe button

  • And that will give you a little notification when I make new videos or tips like this so thanks again for watching

  • And I'll see you again in another video soon mwah bye for now

Hey hey hey, what's up? It's your favorite American English teacher here


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用英語思考的技巧--單語與雙語英語詞典 (Think in English Tips - Monolingual vs Bilingual English Dictionary)

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