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Do you think I should try to be cool?
Could we try to get, like,
a little bit of work done today?
Do you really think you could get away with that?
- No. - I'm begging you.
Hey guys, just wanted to invite you to my birthday party.
Birthday, birthday, birthday!
Ha ha ha.
Whoa, this is super long.
Thank you.
It's my birthday, so I want a full day of activities,
but if you can't make it, don't worry.
You can just come to the day 2 go-kart marathon upstate.
Ha ha.
No, not cool.
Why is one birthday taking up multiple days?
So, since my birthday did this weird thing
where it's on a Wednesday,
I know, Yikestown population Rayray,
The population of Yikestown is much higher than that.
The weekend before, we're gonna do a go-kart marathon,
roller skate rave, disco karaoke, Napa wine chugging,
and then, on the actual day, a simple dinner after work.
But then, why are there activities for the following week?
Well, since it's sucks when you don't have
something to look forward to on your birthday,
and we'll have done the real party
the previous weekend, I wanted to make sure
I had a city wide scavenger hunt for after the actual day.
Ha ha ha.
No! Not fun.
Rekha, this is too much for one birthday.
We have lives.
Wait a second, what is this thing
on the first of the month?
So on the first of the month,
I like to ring in the month that I was born
with a little pizza party.
I mean, it is the month that I was born.
Celebrating that is very important.
Wait, I was born this month, too.
We should do a joint party.
(crashing) - What the hell?
Bye, Brennan.
Anyway, if you can do the ghost tour, let me know,
I'm doing a head count.
What are you talking about?
For birthday eve.
No, no, no.
Ooh, what is birthday eve?
It's the night before my birthday.
I have to ring in my birthday with my friends,
so I can turn a year older in style.
I mean, can you imagine
the clock striking midnight on your birthday,
and you're just alone
like some huge, huge loser?
-I mean, you get it, Raph. - Yeah.
Birthday eve is not a thing.
Okay, Trapp, so I presume you're a no for the ghost tour?
You keep saying "ghost tour",
do you mean ghost town tour?
No! They give you a tour of a ghost, look.
-It's crazy. - How do you tour a?
Oh, I can't wait.
But hold on, didn't you have like a sort of
birthday party earlier this year?
Is this a birthday again?
Well, that was one of my birthdays.
You see, I had to lie about my age
to get into school early.
Because, they wouldn't let me go when I wanted to
because they said I was too dumb,
and I was like, why are you talking about?
So this birthday that's coming up is my other birthday.
Didn't you have a birthday in December?
That was my birthday solstice,
welcoming the season in which my other birthday falls.
Thank you for clarifying, Rekha,
now it makes sense.
No problem.
You had a half birthday, too.
Who celebrates a half birthday?
Well I had to find a way to relax with friends.
I was getting so busy from all those birthday celebrations.
Can't I do one thing for me?
Stop it!
You can't keep hogging all our nights and weekends
with one birthday.
I get that it's important to you,
but if you stretch one birthday out over multiple days,
that's just a way for you to be self centered
without taking on any of the costs.
I'm stressing out my friends with RSVPs, and
weekend cabin reservations,
and visits to exotic petting zoos
that I won't front the cost for,
just so I can feel special?
That's awful.
It's not awful.
It's fine, just, can you just tone down the birthday stuff?
Okay, got it.
Do you guys want to go check out
that diner that just opened up down the street?
It's birthday Easter, are you kidding me?
We're going cliff diving in Seattle,
didn't you read the invite?
Let's go!
It's my birthday, so I'm gonna need time off
from here until
It's actually until
Yup, and here.
Yes it is, thank you.



Hen 浮誇!你也有過生日「月」的朋友嗎? (The Girl With a "Birthday Month")

2537 分類 收藏
Rong Chiang 發佈於 2018 年 10 月 30 日    Rong Chiang 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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