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  • I am Antonio Curluccio, welcome to my kitchen. I show you how to make the real Carbonara.

    我是Antonio Carluccio,歡迎來到我的廚房。 讓我教你做真正的Carbonara(培根蛋麵)。

  • Most of the people they get it wrong and let me show you why. Now this is boiling water

    大部分的人都做錯了,讓我告訴你為什麼。 這裡有一鍋滾水,

  • to which we add in the ration of ten grams per litre of water, salt - has to be like

    我們在每一公升的水中加入十公克的鹽。 記得必須按照這個比例。

  • this. And immediately then we put in, has to be boiling, pasta. In this case it's sort

    然後,當水已經沸騰,我們馬上放入義大利麵。 這次我們用的是

  • of spaghettini; the biggest size of spaghetti. While this is cooking, it takes a good ten

    Spaghettoni,一種最粗的spaghetti。 當它在煮的時候,大概要花十分鐘左右,

  • minutes, and no oil please, no oil. You don't need it, you just need to stir a little bit

    請不要加任何油。你不需要放油。 你只需要在它煮的時候,稍微攪拌一下。

  • while it's in it and that's it. Now for the original carbonara you need the guanciale

    這樣就夠了。 做傳統的Carbonara,你需要用Guanciale。

  • which is the cheek, the pork cheek and the Romans they are very special in that because


  • they do it, they cure it like ham or like pancetta and it's very tender, very tasty

    他們把豬頰肉如同火腿、Pancetta (義式培根) 一般, 用鹽醃製,吃起來非常軟嫩、美味。

  • and tender. Now you have to cut it in chunks, you can use, naturally, also pancetta; the

    現在,你必須把它切塊。 你當然也可以用Pancetta。

  • normal pancetta which is this one here but I like the guanciale when I have it obviously.

    像這邊這塊普通的Pancetta, 但是我個人偏好使用Guanciale。

  • And this is a recipe for two people. Big chunks. The Romans, they are mad for this pasta. If

    這是一個兩人份的食譜。 把它切大塊。羅馬人瘋迷這道義大利麵。

  • there is a Roman pasta it's this one here. This quite a lot for two people, let's see.

    如果有一道羅馬式的義大利麵,非這道莫屬。 讓我看看,這對兩個人來說蠻多的。

  • And the only thing we are to do now to make the sauce is to take good olive oil, put it

    現在我們醬汁唯一要做的是, 把品質好的橄欖油

  • in the pan. There you are. Put the guanciale into that and this is the beginning of the

    加入平底鍋中,像這樣。放入Guanciale。 這是製作醬汁的開始,

  • sauce and mostly also the end of it because the rest is coming here into the bowl. And

    同時也差不多到這裡結束。 因為剩下的部分要來到這個碗中。

  • now you take some good eggs and for two people you take two eggs. Oh lovely colour, look

    拿幾顆新鮮雞蛋。兩人份的麵用兩顆蛋。 喔...多美的顏色,你看看它。

  • at this. To be a little bit naughty I take just the yolk and we beat it and to this you

    如果想讓醬汁更濃稠,我會多加一顆蛋黃。 然後我們把它打散。

  • don't add any, any, any cream. Absolutely forbidden. So this is the beginning of the

    你絕對不要加任何一點鮮奶油。這是絕對禁止的。 這是醬汁的開頭。

  • sauce. So we put a bit of parmesan, in Rome they use also pecorino cheese which is a cheese

    我們放一些Parmesan起司。 在羅馬,他們也用Pecorino起司。它是一種

  • to be grated. There are fresh pecorino and aged pecorino but it's lovely to have a little

    需要經過削刨的硬起司。有分成新鮮的以及熟成的。 不管哪一種,加一點都很美味。

  • bit of this. Abundant pepper. And another stir and this is the sauce. I wouldn't put

    加入大量的胡椒,然後攪拌一下。 醬汁就完成了。

  • any salt with it because the bacon here is quite salty, it's preserved. You reduce it


  • a little bit because I'm going to see what the pasta does. I can see it is still stiff

    我們把火稍微關小,因為我要去看看義大利麵的狀況。 我可以看出它還有點硬,

  • so I put it back again, another three or four minutes. Now here's the bacon that has produced

    所以我把它放回去,再煮大約三到四分鐘。 現在,這邊的培根已經煎出

  • also quite a lot of fat. Should you be not wanting the fat, I show you a little trick.

    不少油脂。 如果你不想要這麼油,我教你一個小技巧。

  • Here we are, and do this. You absorb a little bit of the fat and you take it off like this,

    拿一張廚房紙巾來,然後這樣做。 你用它把一部分的油吸走,然後把它拿下來。

  • very simple. So the pasta seems to be doing well here. Let's taste, now should be enough.

    就這麼簡單。這邊的義大利麵似乎煮好了。 讓我們嚐嚐看。應該差不多。

  • I switched off the gunaciale because it's too hot and it's exactly what I don't want,

    我把煎Guanciale的火關小。 因為它太燙了,

  • to be too hot. So now I take the pasta and I put it into the, yes, there. And you flavour

    這正是我不希望的。 我現在把義大利麵拿出來放到平底鍋裡。

  • it like this. You let it cool down in doing this. It shouldn't be too hot because what


  • is going to happen now should be the temperature enough to coat the egg around the pasta. And

    接下來義大利麵的溫度要剛好可以讓 蛋汁包覆在麵條上面。

  • now it comes the pièce desistance, the actual sauce. There you are. And now we stir

    現在加入pièce de résistance,最主要的醬汁。 這樣就完成了。

  • it like this. You see usually by this stage the heat is so much in the wrong cooking that

    讓我們稍微攪拌一下。 你看,通常在這個階段,溫度差太多,

  • the eggs become scrambled eggs. Not too scrambled and this is the Carbonara.

    以致於蛋汁變成了炒蛋。 蛋汁不要太凝固,這就是Carbonara。

  • And now the last touch which is the embellishment; parmesan or pecorino, depending what you like, and

    最後加上一些點綴: 依照你的喜好,撒上Parmesan或是Pecorino起司。

  • in my opinion, also a nice touch of pepper. This is decoration for me. And this is the

    我個人喜歡再撒上一點胡椒。 這是我喜歡的裝飾。

  • real Carbonara, the only one. And it's exactly how should it be, creamy without adding cream

    這就是真正的Carbonara,也是唯一的一種。 它就應該是這樣,濃郁但是不加鮮奶油。

  • because this is the usual thing. Like this is just fantastic.

    因為這就是平常的做法。 像這樣就很美味了。

  • Mmmmm, come on everybody


  • you should taste this, it's just wonderful.


I am Antonio Curluccio, welcome to my kitchen. I show you how to make the real Carbonara.

我是Antonio Carluccio,歡迎來到我的廚房。 讓我教你做真正的Carbonara(培根蛋麵)。


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真正的卡巴納拉麵條|安東尼奧-卡魯奇奧(Antonio Carluccio) (Real Spaghetti Carbonara | Antonio Carluccio)

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