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  • These are Doctor Who fansarguably some of the most passionate fans of any show.

  • And this year, they're especially excited because, for the first time in the show's

  • 55-year history, the Doctor won't be played by a white British manit'll be a woman.

  • Oh brilliant!”

  • This move adds Doctor Who to an influx of sci-fi fantasy franchises who have already

  • put women at the helm.

  • But this new woman Doctor is expected to have a trait that those other heroines don't

  • have — a sense of humor.

  • This is gonna be fun.”

  • For those of us not as invested in the show as this guyDoctor Who is the story of

  • a mysterious alien being (known as the Doctor) who travels through time and space having

  • adventures and fighting evil.

  • But the Doctor has one particularly special abilitywhen the character is mortally

  • wounded, the doctor can regenerate into a new body.

  • The Doctor has had 13 different faces over the yearsall white, British men.

  • This is one of the first episodes of Doctor Who, from 1965...

  • The Doctor was an eccentric old man who often relied on his more courageous companions to

  • get him out of some sticky situations.

  • Support me, dear boy.

  • In fact, in early concept notes from one of the show's co-creators, the character of

  • the Doctor was described as “a frail old man lost in time and space.”

  • But as time went on, and different actors rotated through the role, the Doctor went

  • from being a frail trickster to a male hero archetype.

  • The Third Doctor in particular played the role as anaction hero

  • Violent exercise makes me hungry.

  • Don't you agree?”

  • Fast forward to the Tenth Doctor, and the action hero traits had become baked into the

  • character...

  • Leave this planet and never returnwhat do you say?

  • Yes.

  • All well then.

  • Thanks for that!”

  • But there's one particular personality trait that stayed from the beginning...

  • The Doctor has a gleeful, almost childlike

  • personality.

  • He's a hero with a sense of humor - which makes the character fun and compelling to

  • watch.

  • But that kind of character complexity has been

  • typically reserved for male heroes.

  • Female superheroes are very much pressured to be taken seriously because there

  • are so few of them, they have to do well.

  • In 2014, the last time good data was available, only 14% of mainstream sci-fi films had a woman

  • protagonist.

  • Women are not only vastly underrepresented

  • in sci-fi fantasy films, they're often restricted to generic superhero personalities.

  • If I think about the leading female superhero... think about the Wonder Woman

  • film...She's powerful she's strongBut she's not a funny funny character.

  • She laughs, but doesn't crack jokes, she doesn't have banter in the

  • same way that male superheroes can do.

  • That seriousness is consistent across most woman characters on-screen.

  • Take a look at this scene between Guardian of the Galaxy's heroine, Gamora, and one

  • of the film's villains, Nebula.

  • Gamora puts up a pretty awesome fight.

  • But compare that to Peter, the film's male hero...

  • notice the difference?

  • There's also Black Widow from The Avengers whose whole personality is built around being

  • stoic.

  • And Katniss Everdeen, who can do some serious damage with a bow and arrow but barely ever

  • drops her steely persona.

  • Of course, there are some examples of funny

  • heroines in film and television.

  • One of the earliest is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • These examples are still rare on-screen, but there is one medium where heroines have more

  • complex personalities...

  • Female characters who do humor, do very well in comics...

  • Squirrel Girl, Kamala Khan, Gwen Pool.

  • From a financial point of view, it is less of a risk.

  • Because there's less of a pressure

  • on a female-led title to do well, there's more room for comedy, there's more room for humor.

  • It's this scarcity of women superheroes in film and television that makes the new

  • female Doctor's role even more impactful.

  • This woman doctor is not only expected to be a great witty hero traveling through space

  • like her male predecessors, she could also push the boundaries of what a woman hero can

  • be...

  • To have a female Doctor, that's a win for a lot of us.

  • Women, young girls will get to see someone

  • that looks like them

  • be smart and interesting and funny and that is incredibly important.

  • So even if you're not one of the millions of people worldwide who watches Doctor Who,

  • next time you see an awesome new woman superhero, you might have the Doctor to thank.

These are Doctor Who fansarguably some of the most passionate fans of any show.


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神祕博士》可以改變女性在科幻片中的形象。 (Doctor Who could change how women are portrayed in sci-fi)

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