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[Camera Woman] What do you think your shape is?
- My shape? - Yeah.
Like rectangle with rounded sides.
(upbeat music)
Women's bodies, they come in all shapes and sizes.
But the media loves to put us into boxes.
Ever heard of phrases like pear shape or hourglass?
The media also loves to tell us what to wear
and apparently certain body shapes
should wear certain types of clothes.
Hm, I personally think you should be able
to wear whatever the (censored) you want
so myself and some friends are gonna be wearing clothes
we're not supposed to for our shape
and we'll see what people think.
I never like buy clothes with the idea
that like I'm an hourglass
and hourglasses must wear X thing.
I go by what feels good on me.
I don't know if I consciously think about things
that flatter like my body shape.
I wear high waisted stuff a lot,
and I'm not even sure that flatters my figure.
I just personally like high waisted stuff.
What I generally go for is something
a little more high waisted.
I have these wonderful love handles
that just don't want to leave my side.
I like to emphasize my waist
but like I also like to have things
a little bit looser.
I generally stay away from like really tight things.
I do like my legs so I'll show them off.
If a magazine says, okay your shoulders
are a little bit bigger and your hips are smaller,
maybe try this thing, it's okay to try that stuff
but I don't think you should take it as gospel .
I think it's very stupid that there are rules
that you have to abide by because of your body shape.
I think you should wear whatever you feel good in.
Nina's shape is closest to hourglass,
think Kim Kardashian, so we chose a shift dress for her
because apparently you don't want anything too boxy
or anything that doesn't show off your waist.
(chimes tinkling magically)
Alaina's shape is closest to inverted triangle or apple.
Inverted triangles apparently shouldn't
be showing off their broad shoulders
or wearing tight skirts that exaggerate
their smaller lower halves.
So we chose an off the shoulder top
and a tight, dark colored mini skirt.
(chimes tinkling magically)
My shape is closest to rectangle or athletic,
think Cameron Diaz.
We chose a baggy and plain colored wide sleeved dress
for me since anything shapeless has been said
to only accentuate my boyish figure.
(chimes tinkling magically)
Destinee's shape is closest to pear shape
or triangle, so we chose a narrow shouldered top
since allegedly a woman with that shape
should aim to draw the eye upwards, not cover that part up
and a mini skirt since they say
you shouldn't wear anything that cuts off
just below the hip.
(chimes tinkling magically)
Well here it is, a lot of sleeve.
Oh, okay, well we'll see how this goes
throughout the day.
I don't why they say I shouldn't wear this.
This is fine, it's cute.
Granted I look like a child.
That is not because of the shape that I am.
I don't hate it but I also don't love it
and I don't feel 100% comfortable.
Actually, I really like this.
It is really baggy but like, it's a look I think.
I have a big desire to just go like this.
I'm very comfortable with how I look
and I honestly do not expect most of my coworkers
to be shook by this.
I like my shoulders and I like my decolletage area
but I don't actually usually wear things
that are super off the shoulders.
I think it should probably be a bit longer.
I'm not used to wearing all black, either
so I feel very bat-like.
I feel like people will like this.
All they're gonna see if like the bright color and pattern.
If they like really stand there and look at it,
I don't know how people are gonna feel.
I think the combination of these two things together
makes me feel a little bit like a sexy secretary.
Alrighty, time to bring this out into the world
and see what my friends think.
Whoever made those rules, they're a liar
because you look beautiful.
I like the tight outfit on you.
You wear loose clothes a lot, this is so different
and I love this aesthetic.
I don't think I've ever looked at someone
and thought, that person's shaped like a pear.
It plays into the idea of scrutinizing women's bodies.
We don't have that for men.
I think if you wore more dresses like this
I'd be like, yeah, this is great.
I wear a lot of men's clothes because I like how those fit,
technically they're not made for my body
but I prefer how they fit my body.
I've been wearing this outfit for about half a day.
It's just not a very me look.
With that being said, I don't think I look bad in it
because of my body shape.
I've had a few people, just walking down the corridors
being like, oh I love your outfit.
Most people are like, you're wearing clothes, Destinee,
I don't know what you want from me?
This feels normal, this feels right.
I don't hate that it gives me some freedom.
A lot of the things that I think
would be really good for my body type
are kind of constraining because they all
come in at the waist.
I really like the bell sleeves on you,
I've never seen you wear something like that
and I think that if were constrained into that box
you would never like explore something new like this.
- It looks good, right? - It looks great.
I didn't even know there was rules for your body type.
The idea of like what is flattering
is so ingrained in us from like magazines
that it's a really hard mindset to break.
I struggled with it so much today.
I probably never would have picked this off the rack
but because I was forced to wear it,
I kind of grew to like it.
I think there's a lot of conflicting information out there
for like what is supposed to look good on your body.
I am glad that I took on this challenge
so I can let you people know, wear what you want to wear,
wear what makes you feel good.
I would totally recommend this challenge to other people,
especially if you're kind of stuck in your ways
as to what you think you can wear.
Just forget about what you should wear
and just try out new things, no matter what.


穿上那些所謂「不適合」我們身材的衣服 (We Tried The "Wrong" Clothes For Our Shape)

2224 分類 收藏
Chloe 發佈於 2018 年 10 月 30 日    Chloe 翻譯    Emily 審核
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