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  • At Fairmont Hotels around the world, there is an elite fellowship that was founded 17 years ago, right here in Canada.

    在全世界的費爾蒙酒店有一個 17 年前建立的菁英團體,就在加拿大這裡。

  • The fellowship of canine ambassadors.


  • I've been a canine ambassador at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for eight years now.

    我在費爾蒙城堡路易斯湖擔任狗狗大使到現在 8 年了。

  • What a life this is, let me tell ya.


  • My name is Marcus, and I'm the resident good boy at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

    我叫 Marcus,我是居住在費爾蒙城堡路易斯湖的好孩子。

  • This here is a magical place.


  • Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.


  • Home to almost 10,000 foot mountain peaks, meadows covered in wildflowers, and glacier lakes that are the richest shade of blue.

    範圍內涵蓋大約 10,000 英呎高的山峰,野花遍開的草地,還有蔚藍的冰蝕湖。

  • That's Bear, he's the new pup over at the Fairmont Banff Springs.

    那是 Bear,他是費爾蒙班夫溫泉酒店新來的狗狗。

  • He's a bit more high-energy than me.


  • We canine ambassadors live with a member of the Fairmont team and what we do at our hotels is simple: make people feel at home when they're away from theirs.


  • As the wise old dog that I am, I've learned a lot about the world.


  • I've made sure that Bear knows all the secrets to happiness here.

    我確保 Bear 了解讓人在此感到快樂的秘訣。

  • I've let him know about giving kisses, greeting visitors at the front door, accompanying visitors on hikes.


  • And I've also let him know about the one kind of extra special visitor: these guys.


  • If you wanna know about how we feel about being canine ambassadors, here's an idea: come by and see for yourself.


  • It's a good life!


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(relaxing music)


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【動物】狗狗大使給你可愛的假期 (These 'Canine Ambassadors' Are About to Make Your Vacation Adorable)

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