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  • [Narrator] This is the IBM Personal Computer.

    (旁白) 這是 IBM 個人電腦 (International Business Machines Corporation,簡稱IBM)

  • It was the most advanced computing machine ever created.


  • However, this isn't a story about a computer, but a story about when a computer stops working, and the man who created a way to start it all over; the man who invented Control + Alt + Delete.

    然而,這不是一篇有關電腦的故事而是一篇有關當電腦停止運作時的故事 以及有個男人創造一個方法讓電腦重新開始運作 這個男人發明了 Control + Alt + Delete 這個辦法

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  • Let's get into it.


  • [Dave] Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Bradley, but you can call me Dr. Dave.

    (Dave) 嗨,我是 Dave‧Bradley 博士但你可以叫我 Dave 博士

  • Back in 1980, I worked on the IBM Personal Computer.

    回到西元 1980 年代,我在 IBM 個人電腦公司工作

  • My particular job on the IBM PC was writing the basic input-output system.

    我在 IBM 個人電腦公司專職負責寫出基本的輸入-輸出系統

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  • [Narrator] Even with an elite team of engineers and designers, not everything goes smoothly when you're building a computer.

    (旁白) 即使有一隊菁英工程師與設計師,也不是每一件事都很順暢 在建立一套電腦系統時

  • [Dave] We had programs that ran most of the time, but when they failed the only way to reset the system was turn the power off, (clock ticking) wait a while, turn the power back on, and it would go through a very long self test.

    (Dave) 我們大部分時間都有一些程式在運行但當這些程式停止運作,重啟這個系統的唯一方法 就是把電源關掉 (時鐘滴答聲) 等一會兒 把電源開回來 然後它會經過一段很常的自我檢測時間

  • But the system might die every five to 10 minutes.

    但這個系統可能每 5 到 10 分鐘就會掛掉一次

  • [Narrator] What he needed was a way to shortcut the restart process. (beeping)

    (旁白) 他需要的是一個方法來縮短重開的過程 (嗶)

  • [Dave] One of the things we discussed was putting a reset button on it.

    (Dave) 我們討論的其中一件事就是放一個重開按鈕在電腦上

  • But if you put it on the system board, there was a chance that you could hit it by mistake and all your data gets lost.

    但如果你放在主機板上有可能你會不小心按到 然後你全部的檔案就會遺失

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  • So what we did was came up with a three-key sequence that would reset the computer, and you couldn't hit by mistake.

    所以我們想出的辦法就是按順序按住 3 個鍵就可以重設電腦 而你也不會不小心按到

  • A single Control key, a single Alt key, and then, all the way over at the right-hand side, a single Delete key.

    一個 Control 鍵,一個 Alt 鍵然後,橫跨到右手邊 有一個 Delete 鍵

  • You hit that Control + Alt + Delete, you're deleting everything that you're working on right now and starting new.

    你按下 Control + Alt + Delete你就可以將現在正在運作的所有程式刪除 再開新的

  • I was also able to skip over many of the tests, so instead of taking a minute or two, it was 10 or 15 seconds.

    我也能夠跳過許多的檢測過程所以不用花費 1、2 分鐘 只要 10 或 15 秒

  • But it wasn't a big deal at the time.


  • It was like number 17 on the list of 100 different things I had to fix.

    它就像是在待修清單上 100 件事的其中第 17 件

  • [Narrator] Even though it was built only as a development tool, programmers began incorporating the feature into their applications.

    (旁白) 即使這只是作為開發工具而建立的但程式設計師開始將這個功能結合到應用程式中

  • From there it was released into the wild, but didn't immediately reach pop culture status.


  • (bomb whistling) - [Dave] For years it was no big deal.

    (炸彈呼嘯聲) -(Dave) 好幾年過去了這並沒什麼了不起

  • And then at the 20th anniversary of the IBM PC, that's when Control + Alt + Delete became sort of a cultural icon.

    然後在 IBM 個人電腦公司的 20 週年那時 Control + Alt + Delete 變成一種文化圖示

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  • It was the simplest and easiest way to fix your problem: Hit Control + Alt + Delete and start all over.

    這是修正你的問題的最簡單也最輕鬆的方法按下 Control + Alt + Delete,然後全部重頭開始

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  • - [Narrator] Despite all this, Dr. Dave doesn't think much of this contribution to computing history.

    -(旁白) 儘管有這一切原由,Dave 博士並不覺得這個對計算機歷史上具有貢獻的發明有多了不起

  • - [Dave] I did lots of things with IBM, but all everybody remembers is Control + Alt + Delete.

    -(Dave) 我幫 IBM 做了很多事但所有人記得的就只有 Control + Alt + Delete

  • But, I'll take that.


  • The fame of Control + Alt + Delete means that I worked on a very successful product, and I'm very proud of having been able to do that.

    Control + Alt + Delete 的名聲代表我有了一個非常成功的成果 對於我做了這件事,我也非常驕傲

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[Narrator] This is the IBM Personal Computer.

(旁白) 這是 IBM 個人電腦 (International Business Machines Corporation,簡稱IBM)

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